1 Million Worker have Lost Their Jobs in India, due to this COVID-19 pandemic

1 Million Worker have Lost Their Jobs

According to the report, more than 1 Million Worker have lost their jobs in India, due to this COVID-19 pandemic. This number is very high that after COVID-19, most of MSME and small industry people have suffered in India.

Indian economy is now slowly coming to the recovery stage, the most recovery process is seen in the sectors like delivery and health care, as well as job opportunities in Tier 2 and 3 are also increasing.

During Q2 COVID-19 lockdown, nearly 80% of the jobs decreased compared to Q1 COVID-19 lockdown. And it is estimated that more than 90% of the jobs will be increased during Q4 COVID-19 Lockdown according to Q1 Lockdown 2020.

If we analyze the entire data well then we get to know that more than 80 percent of the Jobs have been down in those sectors which peoples work for short periods and contract-based like the driver, facility, Security, and Other is one of the most affected by lockdown where lakhs of people are unemployed, this is the biggest bitter truth of COVID-19.

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If we look in the driver’s area the demand was reduced by 97.5% due to Q2 COVID-19. It is the most influential sector in India due to the Q2 lockdown where people have lost their jobs in huge amounts. and the demand for delivery was reduced by 40 percent, you can see in the graph below.

In South Indian states like Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, more than 90% of jobs have been increased during Q2 lockdown and it is estimated that South Indian states will recover about 75% compared to Q1. Apart from this, when the Indian government had announced the COVID-19 lockdown, the blue-collar workers started migrating from different states and started going to his home towns for survival.

About 44% of the jobs have gone from Gig Economics, of which the highest downfall has been made in the driver segment around 60%. More than 30% of jobs lost in 2020 from Metropolitan Cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad, and around 40% of jobs have gone from the South Indian state.


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