Home Startups Meet a 13-year-old Boy Who Owns a Multi-Crores Company Paper & Parcels.

Meet a 13-year-old Boy Who Owns a Multi-Crores Company Paper & Parcels.


Today we will talk about a 13-year-old boy who built a company of crores on his own. A boy who goes to school like a normal boy but every Sunday he sits in his office and also manages his company, yes I am talking about that little kid who studies in eighth grade. And his name is Tilak Mehta who formed his company which is named Papers N Parcels by Tilak.

The idea begins with an unintentional accident that Tilak felt with him when he went to his uncle’s house. After that when Tilak reached his house, he remembered that he had left his books at his uncle’s house.

And the biggest thing was that Tilak had an exam after 2 days and he was in great need of that book. After that, he called his uncle and said that I need these books very much and after 2 days I have the exam. In any way he delivered my book to me, then his uncle said, look, there is no such delivery boy. If you bring that book to you within 1 day, then it will charge you so much that you can buy your new book with that money.

13-year-old boy who owns a multi-crores company

At the same time, this big question came in Tilak’s mind that there will be many people like me. Who would have seen such a situation? Tilak paid full attention to it but after a few days, he stopped thinking about that situation. Because of his exam and started focusing on his Exam.

After his exam was over, he thought about it very carefully and when a tiffin-taker came to his house, he immediately thought that whether this tiffin-like person book could not be delivered. So Tilak went to meet the person with that compartment and asked him, “If you go to the box from my house to the office, how much does it cost you?”

After that, he came to his room and started doing a little calculation. After calculating, he came to know that this cost is coming very low. So he wondered whether there could be a company that could deliver same-day delivery from one place to another in Mumbai and that too at a very low price.

After that Tilak told his father all this and also told his calculation, then his father took it well and said yes such a company can be formed.

His uncle Ghanshyam Pareek supported Tilak’s company behind making it real. His uncle is a chartered accountant and was also doing his job in a good position but Tilak’s Idea impressed him so much that he quit his job and joined Tilak’s company and took the post of CEO in his company.

After some work Tilak and his uncle interacted with tiffin person and after working together for 8 months, he created an app that could run this company. 

The Paper & Parcel started after that. Paper & Parcel is basically a company that works to deliver the books from one place to another with very low prices on the same day.

Papers N parcels have become a multi-crore company to date and according to Tilak, they have already delivered millions of deliveries, and together they will run across India after a few months. 

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