20-lakh MSME Registered On Modi Govt’s Udyam Portal. 84.5% Registration In The Past Three Months

20-lakh MSME Registered On Modi Govt’s Udyam Portal. 84.5% Registration In The Past Three Months

The Govt’s Udyam Portal was launched by the Indian government on 1 July 2020, a program from which the government gives a process that allows peoples to make their registration paperless and this trend grew very rapidly, which result that More than 20-lakh MSMEs have been registered on the Udyam till 1 February 2021.

This report was released by the MSME ministry. In November 2020 it had reached about 11 lakhs. This means that more than 84% growth within 3 months. The MSME registration of the other side also shows that if so many people are registering online, then the digital world for them is very much liked by the end-to-end digital registration by MSMEs and it is being hoped that this Will grow very fast in 2021.

In Parliament on Monday, Gadkari said that no MSME need to submit their entire document, they just need the Aadhaar card number to register. Our entire community is engaged in doing it organically and seamlessly and it is the second level But it has also been told that it will be made single-window system at Champions Control Rooms so that registration will be made even easier. MSME Development Institutes will setup it across Indian district industries centers for facilitating the process.

An Udyam is an initiative that the government has made for MSMEs for those who want to register themselves, on this you can register without any document, paper, certificate, and proof. When you register on it, you get an Udyam Registration Number. The number is also called your permanent identity number, along with this, an e-certificate is issued to you. When your registration process completes, The registration certificate is called Udyam Registration Certificate.

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