First Time In India IIT Madras Startup Build A House Using 3D Printing Technology


The trend of 3D printing is growing very fast all over the world. Through 3D printing, we can make anything with very little time with more finishing. 3D printing is not limited to just small products. It can take a lot of time to build any such house. Apart from this, a lot of laborers and engineers work, and then a house is built, but through 3D painting, this work is done easily. It can be done in a pinch which takes months to work, we can finish the same work in a few days with the help of a 3D printing machine.

3D printing technology is also being used in India. But it is limited to making small products. The first time in India IIT Madras startup has built a house through a 3D printing machine. We will talk about what the benefits and disabilities of 3D printing started to be and how we can see such benefits in the future, apart from this, it is so complicated or easy to use. All will talk about it today.

The institute says that they have built a house in about 600 square feet’s one floor house in about 5 days. Which itself is a very big achievement because to build any one floor house, It may take more than 3 to 4 months but with the help of 3D printing they have done the same work in just 5 days.

Apart from this, they said that 3D printing requires a special type of concrete to build the houses, which they have develop that concrete. The Finance Minister of India says that by 2022, using 3D printing technology. It is not a big deal that 100 million of houses will build.

There are many benefits of 3D printing as well, one of which is that we can build the biggest buildings in a very short time, so that the expenses to build the building will be very low. Apart from this, we will be able to build more and more houses in a very short time. One downside to this is that the laborers working with it will not get work because the building will be made in a very short time by 3D printing, that is why this technology is not being used on a large level right now.

We will publish all the things related to 3D printing so that you will be able to know all the information related to 3D printing, in addition to this, if you have any doubt in your mind, then you can comment on the comment box.


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