5 Best Product Management Books to Read in 2023

product management books

Product Management Books – To keep up with the advancement of technology & customers mindset, we need something to guide us properly. That help us keep our balance in business, adapt to new things & plan every move strategically. And that why successful products manager always surround themselves with good products management book.

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In the old days, learning something new could be easily handled along with other. But with the increasing competition in the markets, you can’t risk becoming outdated. Also, to involve hand on products managements experience, you will surely need a book as a guide. However, choosing a good product managements book is not as easy as it seems.

Product Management Books

You can properly reflect & learn about the author as well as whether they have practically implied their ideology & theory of their books or not. Your primary focus should be case studies & learning new techniques. And to helps you choose the right book on products management, we present this article that contain some of the best book. Then let’s get started.

1. Getting Things Done

A well known book written by David Allen, who is widely recognized as the world leading personal & organizational productivity experts. He has tutored several corporate managers and CEO of some of America most prestigious corporations, earning him a spot on Forbes list of the top five executive coaches in the US.

This book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity, is considered one of the most influential business book & the ultimate guide to personal organizations. (Product Management Books)

It encompasses the entire way of approaching personal & professional task and has produced tons of websites, seminars, organization tool, and offshoot. The author has developed different perspectives on the new workplace & adapted several proven principles.

2. Mastering Leadership

Mastering Leadership is considered the perfect guide to enhance your Leadership qualities & turn them into a competitive advantage. It includes a systematic model of leadership developments stages & the effectiveness of leader, both individually & collectively.

Both author, Robert Anderson & William Adams, have created a comprehensive roadmap of several leadership traits, including a fully integrated universal leadership model & extensive research connecting increased leadership effectiveness & business performance.

In addition, you will also find the five stages of leadership evolutions along with the culture & structure of the organization developing at each stage.

3. The Lean Product Playbook

Product management grew tremendously with the beginning of the lean startups movement due to the growing popularity & implications of lean products principles among people. (Product Management Books)

However, with the new theories and ideologies, many people struggled with the implication of these principles in their business. And that when Dan Olsen published The Lean Product Playbook, as a step-by-step guide for startup and large scale companies to implement Lean techniques in their businesses. This book is widely preferred when it comes to products management & is among the best book for it.

This book includes the understanding of products failure due to lack of satisfaction of customer need. And six incredible repeatable lessons on how to achieve this equation. It also includes products roadmap & case studies on how to create and iterate products that satisfy target market.

4. Predictably Irrational

In the book, Predictably Irrational, the author talk about the common assumptions in which we behave through various fundamental rational ways. He helps us understand human nature & why people sometimes behave irrationally. (Product Management Books)

Whether it’s something as smalls as choosing a coffee or starting a business, we go through underestimating, over budgeting, and procrastinating. And we might think that such behaviors are random or unfounded, but they are actually quite systematics & predictable.

And as the James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Psychology and Economics at Duke University, Dan Ariely has a deep understanding of human psychological behaviors. Throughout this books, which has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and others prominent platform, the author has elaborated on the whole concept of being predictably irrational.

5. Crossing the Chasm

We often wonder how some product tend to be more successful than others in a growing market. The book Crossing the Chasm talks about this. The author has explained why this happens & how much of an impact the ability to cross the chasm has on the audience.

The number one thing any product manager need to do is in the early markets, which is typically dominated by early adopters, innovator, and most in the technology adoption lifecycle.

This book came out in the early 90s and since then it has been demonstrating its importance and capacity in the market. He discusses the principles of crossing the chasm & guides reader in dealing with advanced technology.

6. Shape Up

Shape Up is another very amazing products management book written by BaseCamp chief strategist, Ryan Singer. This book look at the tips & techniques behind the successful product launched by BaseCamp over the 15+ years since its establishment, along with the proper workflow. (Product Management Books)

This book is considered a must read for all product manager interested in the Agile process beyond scrum. In addition, it includes well structured & proven strategies that need to be adapted by any workplace for their developments.


In conclusion, we can say that along with practical understanding & experience, learning the latest technology and adapting new strategies are equally important in products managements. And to learn this, there are several book on the markets that you can find and they will surely helps you with something. (Product Management Books)

The secret behind any successful products manager is her drive to learn new things & adapt them to practical experience. The books mentioned above have been shown to be very useful for product manager. So, put these together and start leading a successful product team.


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