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AcadBoost Success Story: How A JEE Topper Built His Own Company Through Digital Media

AcadBoost Success Story

AcadBoost is a digital learning platform that provides JEE, NEET, and Skill learning courses for students at very affordable costs. Kalpit Veerwal the founder of AcadBoost completed his graduation from IIT Bombay this year. The biggest problem in today’s competitive generation is large institutions charges lakhs of rupees to students for preparing for competitive exams. Due to this, there are many students who are deprived of a good education. So let’s know who is Kalpit Veerwal and how he started and make AcadBoost successful e-learning platform.

Kalpit Veerwal Story: The Founder Of AcadBoost Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Kalpit Veerwal did his graduation from IIT Mumbai this year. IIT Bombay is a very prestigious engineering college. Every engineering student dreams of doing engineering in big universities like IITs. This is why parents of many students get them admitted to big institutes and give lakhs of rupees to those institutes so that their children prepare well To get admission in IITs and NITs.

Kalpit Veerwal is one of the first student who scored 100% in the JEE Mains exam. Bringing full marks in such a big exam is a big thing in itself. It shows that Kalpit must have done very hard work and smart work during his preparation. Kalpit has also been named in the Limca Book of Records and has been awarded various certificates.

Kalpit did not keep this success to himself. He thought, why don’t I help the students who are struggling, to get admission in the big universities, besides they have helped many students. After his college admission, he created his own blog in college and started publishing information related to JEE. Also opened his own YouTube channel and he started being active in many social media like quora and Started answering the student’s questions.

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How AcadBoost Started

After that, he started making videos on a lot of topics, how he prepares for exams. What he learned in college, What things he exploring. Apart from this, he also told about many activities that students should follow during the preparation of any competitive examination.

After that, Kalpit named his YouTube channel AcadBoost. He told about AcadBoost that which is an e-learning platform that will provide students information related to JEE, NEET, and other various Skills or Activities. Kalpit created this course with the help of students who studies in such big institutions as IITs.

AcadBoost has launched a lot of courses that students can prepare for 11th, 12th for JEE apart from that they can develop many different skills like Web Development, App Development Video Editing, Graphic Designing, and more.

AcadBoost works on a subscription model in which students pay an amount to enroll in any courses. Kalpit says that he currently has more than 5000 subscribed students and more than 500k students are connected with AcadBoost through YouTube and Social Media. For more information, you can visit the AcadBoost youtube channel.

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