Android 12 All Updates: All Features List, Release Date

Android 12 All Updates

To find any kind of information from millions of websites and blogs on the internet, peoples use the browser to get their information. After that YouTube became the second largest search engine in the world where people search videos. That is why apps are growing very fast because a lot of people have to use apps for their specific work. More like it shows according to the data of last few years.

Because people are very fond of using apps, then Android, which is a big part in the smartphone industry. Most people use Android smartphones, in which Android’s biggest responsibility is to give the best experience to the people. There are a lot of apps that take up a lot of space on mobile devices and they hang-up too much, Android keeps running various types of updates to remove all these problems while running apps. So that it can increase the user experience.

Small and Big updates keep coming of Android, but Android has decided that in this year it will going to launch Android-12, which has come with a lot of features and new-new technologies have been used. We will talk about this article today. We will know what are the features of Android 12 and when it will be released, what will be its hidden charges, we will know everything on this article today.

Android in its blog told that Android 12 can be launched in the month of September this year, apart from this, developers will be introduced to many new features so that they can customize their apps more and the developers help Android to increase experience.

Android 12 All Updates

Enhanced screenshots

You will be able to take screenshots even better, apart from this, you can edit it while taking screenshots, you can set text with the combination of different fonts and colors, besides you can adjust color on your screenshot. You can resize it and you will get even more customized features while taking screenshots.

Settings Menu

In the settings, you will see the new more customized, apart from this, you will be able to navigate more ease, Besides you will be able to edit more and more new features, which you can do by going to the settings options

Blue-ish tint

When using the regular light theme, it’s a pale mint blue that we can see in the drop-down fast settings toggles (instead of grey) and in sections of the Settings menu.

Share sheet image edit


You will get to see many types of changes in the notifications of apps, some changes will be available in the case of design, some more features, apart from this, you will get the opening time of notifications very fast. You will also be able to set the timing of notifications on it.

Media Player interface

In the music player, you will get to see many types of changers. When you play any music in your local device. You will find a small icon in the dropdown-menu, you will see a popup when you click on it, where you can control your music. Like volume, you will be able to control very easily, in addition to this it will give a very fast experience.


You will get to see many types of changes in the theme of your device, so that you can adjust your device color and menus according to you. You will get more options of color combinations, besides customization options you will get a lot more than you can make your device highly customized will be able to navigate easily, whose visual appearance will be the latest model.

People Space widget

People Space widget, in which you are more in touch with people, you will get to see new big spaces to show this.

Nearby Share for Wifi passwords

You can share WiFi passwords with your friends and family. When you turn on WiFi in your device, you will get to see the option of Near By Share you can the devices in which you have to share your WiFi details. Apart from this, you will also get features of QR-code

App shortcuts menu

When you long-press on the icon of the app, you will see a popup window in which you will be able to access its notifications immediately, these features allow people to easily use any app.

Design tweaks

You will get to see more customizations in the design, in addition to this you will be able to widgets list, app labels on home screen and password unlock interface and visual appearance of notifications will be even better and customizable.

See All The List Here

One-handed mode

New picture-in-picture controls

Rolling screenshot 

A new design

Audio-coupled haptic feedback

Restricted Networking mode

App Pairs split-screen experience

OS updates directly from Play Store

Double-tap gesture for Pixel phones

‘Hibernate’ unused apps to free up space

Easier, safe access to ‘other app stores’


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