Are You From Rural Areas And Finding Jobs? Read This How Top 5 Startups Give Jobs In Rural Areas


The Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi, took an initiative called Digital India. According to this initiative, the Indian government wants to provide digital facilities to the people of the country. Our country comes third in the world which is the largest in the startup ecosystem and it is The biggest strength for us is that there are so many startups promote Digital India, which is making digital circulation even in rural areas so that the internet can be accessible to everyone.

Through the Internet, we can sell our products to large area. This is the biggest feature of the Internet that you can capture the biggest market because people in rural areas do not have this facility and information. They are getting far behind in this but if the internet reaches them then everyone will get benefit because there are such rural areas in our country which are counted in the densely populated area, but still today they don’t use the internet.

If you are from a rural area or want to tell people living in a rural area or know how to take jobs because there are many startups in India who are giving jobs to people living in rural areas. Lets us see which startups are giving jobs to the villagers.

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Meesho is an eCommerce platform in which household and fashion-related products are bought and sold. It differs from other e-commerce platforms as it works in an ecosystem. According to Meesho, it has more than 4500000 users across India. Apart from this, more than 13 lakhs of soloprenuers are work with Meeshi who recommends the products to the customer by using social media.

It has an asset-light, capital-efficient approach, as well as insights into small companies, which focuses on women entrepreneurs scaling. According to the social commerce website, there are over 13 million entrepreneurs on it, with the bulk of them being women.

It has aided them in starting their own online companies with no capital outlay, allowing them to reach over 45 million customers around the world. With the aim of assisting women in achieving financial freedom.


This is a network-centric B2B exchange channel tailored to India’s small and medium enterprises. Traders, wholesalers, dealers, distributors, and brands in India are all brought together on one forum.

Udaan gives them the power of technology to scale and nurture their market by providing real-time visibility into active developments and fantastic B2B trade features. Traders may use Udaan to connect with buyers and sellers all over the world and make purchases with the click of a button.

Bringing small businesses into the new ecosystem to take advantage of the e-commerce boom. Through exploiting the potential of technology and the opportunities of internet-scale, Udaan is empowering Bharat’s small businesses.

Frontier Markets

This is one of the fastest-growing social commerce platforms for rural women. Frontier Markets is a digitally powered marketplace that enables rural consumers to purchase instant solutions from a multi-product/services quick from women salesforce — FMCG, agri, durables, and electronics, as well as digital services to the last mile village.

The business is focusing on giving rural women entrepreneurship opportunities by creating jobs and profits for them, through a clear gender lens. Using their phygital model, the organisation has a strategic supply chain and logistics to solve the rural problem of shortage of capital.

They’ve enrolled 10,000 new rural women entrepreneurs (shells) in 2000 villages across the country, and they’re still going strong.


This is a rural technology start-up that connects India and Bharat. By providing Last Mile Physical and Digital Connect to Rural India, phygitally is redefining rural commerce. Hesa’s centralised B2B marketplace gathers and integrates both sides, allowing for almost “doorstep” purchasing and sale.

Hesa provides connectivity, enablement, and job opportunities at scale to the rural community, resulting in empowerment. From the safety of their village, rural consumers can purchase and sell a variety of goods, access banking and other financial services, and pay energy bills.

Facilitated by a village-level entrepreneur known as the “Hesaathi,” who logs in to the Hesa digital portal and transacts on their behalf, earning money for himself or herself.


It is aimed at what it refers to as ‘WhatsApp-first India,’ which consists of lower- and middle-income people living in Tier II and III cities. Users will get fruits and veggies, groceries, beauty and health goods, and other household necessities at regular discounted rates through the website.

Earnings are based on the number of orders they produce or the number of transacting clients they carry, and in some situations, they offer deliveries and storage services to supplement their income.


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