Bandhoo Raised $1 Million Seed Funding Which Helps 7000 Labourers To Get Work From Contractors

Bandhoo Raised $1 Million Seed Funding

Delhi based startup Bandhoo is an online platform where laborers get work from contractors. Plans to raised $1 million seed funding to scale his business so that many laborers can get benefit from it, Founder said Prashant Gupta.

Prashant Gupta joined the Dubai-based Emaar group’s India as a chief executive officer (CEO) on July 2019, Along with he started a startup called Bandhoo with his friend Sridhar Sundaram, both are graduate from IIT Delhi.

Prashant Gupta said in one of his interviews that I started this company in February this year from NCR and I want, this company to be available in Bengaluru and Mumbai also. for this, I have applied for this seed funding and together I will be able to cover both these states in the next phrase.

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He has also been signed his startup with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Haryana Government so that all the laborers in this state can get their work from the contractor fastly.

Bandhoo uses technology to finding best manpower for construction and it is very efficient and fast, according to the work on construction areas, they can get immediately and best workers through this technology, It is beneficial for both contractor and also for labor.

During the interview, Asked about the investment of this company Prashant Gupta said that it is bootstrapped until now. According to Prashant, there are more than 70 million workers in India and it will help them to increase their income through technology. Also, Bandhoo will help them to find works whatever they want.


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