Top 10 Best Astrologer In Chennai

Best Astrologers in Chennai

In this article we will tell you top 10 Best Astrologer in Chennai that they will exceptionally exact predictions and direction, that have given productive outcomes and helped people gigantically through their readings.

Astrology is the investigation of heavenly bodies, the planets and the stars, and their situations in co-connection to occasions on earth. Astrology diagrams the situation of the sun, moon, planets, and different stars at the hour of a person’s introduction to the world that shapes their character and different occasions in their day to day existence.

The Indian or Hindu Astrological framework starts from old India, called Vedic astrology, recorded by sages. Vedic Astrology is called Jyotish (the study of light).

Best Astrologers in India 2021Top 10 best Astrologers in India

Here is top 10 Best Astrologer in Chennai

Best Astrologer in Chennai

1. Shri Jayam Janardhanan

Among one of the best Astrologers in Chennai, Shri Jayam Janardhanan positions one among the best. Janardhanan discovered his energy for Astrology at the youthful age of 15. His energy to get familiar with about the subject drove him to take on an expert course in Astrology.

He joined a presumed association and got the title of Jothida Rathna. His hunger for acquiring information regarding the matter stayed unsatiable. Janardhanan met a few specialists on Astrology and picked up a lot of information from them.

Janardhanan’s sharp instinctive brain does exact readings and empowers him to help those in trouble. He has a sharp feeling of comprehension of relationship gives that incorporate conjugal connections. He finds reasonable answers for all issues through his master information and direction.

Janardhanan’s capacity to pick up top to bottom information about a person’s great divinity and help start their fortunes and the Vedic cures he endorses to achieve abundance has made him a prestigious name in mysterious circles.

2. Shri Senthil Kumaran R

One of the top Astrologers in Vedic Astrology, Astro Kumaran, is a recognized Astrologer. He was granted the lofty title of Jothida Thilagam from Univercell Research Academy, Chennai, in the field for Astrology for his astounding information and exact predictions.

Rehearsing Vedic Astrology for as long as 15 years, Astro Kumaran has broad mastery in the subject and bases his expectations and cures after a top to bottom investigation of planetary positions.

His territory of specialization incorporates issues identified with marriage, connections, business, vocation, wellbeing, monetary, migration, and different subjects. Familiar with English and Tamil, he has a huge number of fulfilled clients surprisingly in India and abroad.

Astro Kumaran is one of the preeminent Astrologers in India. Situated in Chennai, he is familiar with English and Tamil.

3. Shri Narasimha Shastry

Narasimha Shastry is one of the famous Astrologers with an energy for Astrology in Chennai. He has a four year certification in Commerce lastly proceeded to follow his heart and finished his post-graduation in Astrology.

He began finding out about Astrology since 2001. He began his profession in Administration, however following five years, he chose to seek after a vocation in Astrology. A prestigious Astrologer, he has mastery in Vedic Astrology and spent significant time in Vaastu Shastra. He lives in Hyderabad.

4. Shri Senthil Nathan M.

This recognized Astrologer is an occupant of Chennai. Astrology runs in the family, and his grandfather was a famous Astrologer. A youthful Senthil Nathan was very inquisitive and had an extraordinary inclining towards Vedic Astrology.

Senthil Nathan proceeded to finish his M.C.A., M. Phil, MA (Astrology), and Advanced Diploma in Astrology. He began taking in astrology from 2005. Enthusiastic in his interest, Astrology turned into his full-time calling, and he has been rehearsing for as far back as nine years.

Senthil Nathan has been rehearsing Tarot Card Reading and Betel Leaf Predictions since2014. A Guest Lecturer in Astrology at the Annamalai University, Senthil Nathan has prepared a few understudies in Astrology.

He is a Consultant Astrologer at India’s chief online Astrology Center,

He is an occupant of Chennai, India, and is conversant in Tamil and English.

5. Shri Ramkumar A.V.M.

A.V Ramkumar was constantly entranced by the dazzling forecasts given by his town astrologers. Despite the fact that a designing alumni, this aroused an interest in taking up astrology as his calling.

His solid enthusiasm for astrology caused him to associate with learnt Gurus, who started his insight in this old science and assisted him with dominating it. He likewise upgraded his insight by learning a few astrology books and going to new courses to improve his aptitudes continually. He has a rich encounter for over 20 years in this field and has dissected large number of horoscopes up until now.

His best direction and fitting cures have assisted numerous with beating difficulties in their profession, business, cash, marriage, relationship and wellbeing. He is solid in Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology , Prashna, Share market expectations and DNA astrology. He tries to manage individuals through astrology and acquire positive transforms them.

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6. Shri Hariharan H.M.

Hariharan has been living in Chennai since his childhood. He did his MA in Economics in 1995 at Madras University. His progenitors were court astrologers in the royal residence of Travancore royals three ages back.

He is honored with acceptable instinct and it has encouraged him in seeking after his enthusiasm. With the gifts of his ancestors and the inspiration of his dad who is his profound master., he improved his aptitudes in Vedic astrology. He has 18 years’ involvement with this field.

He took in KP Astrology from Mr. K. Subramanian – in Chennai – who turns out to be the child of late Professor K. S. Krishnamurthi , the author of KP arrangement of astrology. He has filled in as a full time astrologer. Astrologer with Chennai from Sep 2010 to July 2018.

7. Sri Kumar D.

Shri Kumar has prepared in the Parasara System of Astrology and holds a certificate and post-graduation in that field. An expert of the K P System additionally, he as of now rehearses the Vedic and K P Astrology.

This prestigious Astrologer puts together his directing based with respect to mental standards. He gives vocation advising dependent on the strength of the planets. His mind boggling information and comprehension have prompted precise readings and expectations that have enormously helped his customers. Continuously one to contact others, he has pivoted the lives of individuals attempting to make progress and prosperity.

Shri Kumar is a skilled old style artist and is pondering utilizing music as a treatment dependent on Astrology. His ability lies in Muhurtha Astrology. His methodology is straightforward, and he offers successful home cures like mantras and basic poojas. With twelve years of involvement with Vedic Astrology, Shri Kumar lives in Chennai. He is conversant in English and Tamil.

8. Ms. Indumathi Krishnamurthi

An Astrologer much regarded in her field of Traditional Astrology, Ms. Indumathi Krishnamurthi was enthusiastic about learning about Astrology from the get-go throughout everyday life.

She took in the essentials of Astrology from her dad. She has gigantic information on the planetary developments and positions and applies them in co-connection to a local’s introduction to the world outline. She examines dependent on the effect of different planets too on zodiac signs.

This rumored Astrologer utilizes a blend of conventional standards of Astrology and consolidates them with present day logical strategies to offer precise expectations for horoscopes and compelling cures.

She has given her master direction to individuals both in India and abroad on issues identified with their wellbeing, schooling, vocation, money, business, relationship, marriage, kids, matchmaking to her various customers around the world. Ms. Krishnamurthi has fifteen years of involvement with the field of Traditional Astrology. This prestigious Astrologer has made her specialty. She lives in Chennai and is familiar with Tamil language.

9. Smt. Vijaya Mahadevan

Equipped with a graduate degree in Astrology, Smt. Vijaya Mahadevan has monstrous information on Astrology. She has been rehearsing Vedic Astrology for more than seven years and has guided customers with her precise readings and expectations on issues identified with wellbeing, relationship, training, vocation, and money.

She has gigantic information and faith in antiquated heavenly science and procedures. You can counsel her on any issue, be it everyday life, love and relationship, wellbeing, matchmaking, youngsters, schooling, monetary issues, colleagues, and Prasna.

Her mastery lies in Prasna, matchmaking, and expectations. She dwells in Chennai and is familiar with English, Tamil, and Sinhalese (Sri Lankan).

10. Shri Subramanian Satyamurthy

Sathyamurthy Subramanian did his B.Sc. (Science) from Madras University and post-graduation Diploma in Business Management from Annamalai University. He was utilized in the monetary area for a very long time in India and abroad. He has an enthusiasm for Astrology which he gained from his granddad and improved his insight by perusing numerous books regarding the matter.

He is a rehearsing astrologer for a very long time. He has customers from everywhere the world who look for him for answers for their issues. He rehearses Vedic astrology and his skill covers the fields of Marriage, Love and Relationship, Career and Business, Education, Foreign travel and settlement, Wealth, and so forth He additionally offers attempted and tried solutions for create great outcomes like mantras, poojas, homas, and so forth.

He has an unshakeable confidence in predetermination and the impact of planets on human existence. In view of subtleties like date of birth, time, and spot of birth he makes expectations.

As indicated by him, past karma decides the planetary situations at the hour of an individual’s introduction to the world which thus shapes the occasions in his/her current life. He is knowledgeable inTamil and English. He is a BSc, PGDBA, and has been related with Astroyogi and Astrotalk.



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