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Top 10 Best Astrologers in Delhi in 2022

Best Astrologers in Delhi
Best Astrologers in Delhi

Astrology is a fuel worth using to paddle your life with lesser miseries.

Did you ever realize that the celestial bodies you read about during your high school can actually help you predict the mundane events of your life? The planets and the stars that are said to be aligned in a constellation have the potential of indicating changes caused in the sublunar world. This study charts the position of the moon, sun, stars, and other plants at the time of an individual’s birth that shapes their personality and various events of life.

The Indian Astrological System is raised from ancient India, called Vedic astrology which was recorded by sages. Every human goes through a phase of life where he is bounced with some incidences that leave behind a void in him.

He gets clueless about life and has no particular path to walk because he has already lost track of his journey. In such dismal times, Astrology is something that brings back solace and clarity about things in your life. Its excellent advice could help you mitigate through bad times. 

People who have mastered this art are said to have added a feather in their cap. Here are the Best Astrologers in Delhi who have done a remarkable name in this field using their carat gold predictions with no ounce of a bluff.

List of All the Best Astrologers in Delhi 2022

1. Astrologer Anima Bhattacharya  

When we begin talking about Astrologer Anima Bhattacharya Ji, she has pioneered in numerous fields being a world-famous astrologer. She originally belongs to Varanasi but currently stays in Mayur Vihar, Delhi. Her education has been completed at Sanskrit University, Varanasi. She believes in the concept of predictions to be aligned with God. This is the reason she is one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi.

Her accurate predictions are an equal blend of both intuition and wisdom rather than a simple reference to a book. Intuitions are showered with God’s true worship and wisdom requires a lot of devotional practice experience. There are a lot of other subjects where her predictions always hold true. She finds the bride and groom’s horoscope matching to be pious and extremely important before marriage. Her Vedic Mantras and remedies jolt the Best Astrological Consultations


Contact Details:

  • Address:  Anima Astrologer 28, Pratap Nagar Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Delhi-110091
  • Email: animaastrologer@gmail.com
  • Phone no. : +91-9899380854

2. Astrologer Abha Jain

Abha Jain, one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi is the founder of ‘Vidhu Vastu‘. Based in Mayur Vihar, she has been researching and owns expertise in this field for the last fifteen years. Her precise predictions and extremely apt astrological solutions have given her recognition par excellence amongst people. Her career guidance is known to be helping people find a path for people who are clueless about their life decisions and goals. Such expertise that he owns makes him one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi.

This study focuses on giving the training in a scientifically and spiritually justified manner. Live online consultation is a privilege that is offered here. She is also an awardee of the International Icon of the Year Awards 2019 – 2020. She is open to serve 24 hours a day. All such expertise that she owns makes her the best astrologer in Delhi NCR.


  • Palmistry and Samudric Reading
  • Marriage
  • Life Predictions
  • Gemstone
  • Numerology
  • Vastu Shastra
  • Match Making
  • Financial Problem Solution
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Career
  • Lal Kitab Remedies
  • Hawan & Pooja
  • Birthday predictions
  • Horoscope Reading

Contact Details:

  • Address: Vidushi Vastu and astrologer, 94, Sardar apartments Mayur Vihar extension-7, New Delhi, 110092
  • Email: info@astroabhajain.com
  • Phone no: 9811075338

3. Astrologer K.M. Sinha

K.M. Sinha is amongst the well-known and Best Astrologer in Delhi. His Vastu Consultancy, Palm Reading, and Kundli Reading speaks all about his years of experience in this field. His youtube channel Kundali Expert throws a lot of light and clarity on this subject. His incredible understanding of Astrology and predictions made have helped transform several lives with simultaneous solutions that he provides. He is ardent in blending modern science and ancient wisdom that can open new methods of understanding the human subconscious. If one finds himself in a life’s mess, he is just ready to serve it all to pull them out of the trap. 


  • Palmistry
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Mantra
  • Vastu Shastra
  • Panchang
  • Horoscope Reading

Contact Details:

  • Address: B1-101, Block-E, Classic Residency Apartment, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201017
  • Email: info@kundaliexpert.com
  • Phone no. : 09818318303

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4. Astrologer Pradip Verma

Pradip Verma is a renowned Vastu Specialist as well as a medical astrologist. He is well known in India and Nationwide too. Finding optimum life solutions to a person’s problem by amending the mishappening that Vastu caused is his keen duty. He follows traditional books and ancient remedy practices based on Vastu Shastra to get a researched form of solutions to provide. This makes him the best astrologer in Delhi.

The numerous services that he provides make him one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi. He also has other offices in NCR proximity that is in South Extension 2, Delhi, and G1 Noida sec 18, opposite Kalyan Jewellers. He has been in this field since 2002 for almost two decades. The minimum consultancy fees that he takes is  ₹1100/- for a 10-minute session,  ₹2100/- for a 30-minute session, and ₹3100/- for a one-hour session. 


  • Numerology
  • Kundli Making
  • Vastu
  • Vedic and Medical Astrology
  • Matchmaking
  • Corporate Services
  • Education
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Court Case
  • Manglik Dosh
  • Health Issues

Contact Details:

  • Address: Metro Station, C-93, Basement Chamber No. 3, Near South Extension, South Extension, New Delhi, 110049
  • Email: contact@astroyog.com
  • Phone no.:+91-99109-93008

5. Astrologer Shri Rajkumar Pandey

The immensely experienced Astrologer Shri Rajkumar Pandey hails from a Brahmin family in North India. He is mainly trained in Vedic Astrology and carries an experience of fifteen long years. He has delivered lectures with the authentic element in the most contemporary format that helped people in understanding the subject better.

His keen interest and fascination for the astrological subjects impelled him to probe wider into various forms of Astrology and hence makes him one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi.

People believe to have received proper guidance on their query along with questions of spiritual inquiries and they found no doubt in him being a well-wisher astrologer who helps one to get rid of fear and illusions. He is a firm believer in the fact that our Karma (action) and Bhagya (luck) are the rulers of our lives. He states that one has to employ his Karma properly using Astrology to achieve luck. 


  • Vaastu
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Numerology

Contact Details:

  • Address: I-2, Mukund House, Ist Floor, Commercial Complex, Azadpur, Delhi, 110033
  • Phone no. :  +91- 8178002216

6. Astrologer Mr. Rajat Nayar

Mr. Rajat Nayar is the best TV astrologer who has a rich experience of more than 37 years. He gets telecasted on Indian and International TV Channels for the last 24 years every day continuously. He is the Best Astrologer in Delhi because of his 96 lakh satisfied clients over the globe. His clients spread up to more than 195 countries of the world.

Based on the feedback, latest online genuine original reviews, and testimonials his clients have given, he is considered the Best Remedial Scientific astrologer,  palmist, gemologist, numerologist, Jyotish & Vaastu consultant in the world.

The famous TV Channels that he had been on are India News, Disha Channel, Care World TV Channel, Sanskar Channel, Aastha Channel, Mh One Shraddha Channel,  Divya Channel, Sahara Samay Channel, MA TV, etc. All the expertise that he holds in his field makes him the best astrologer in NCR too.

He is even famous amongst bigger personalities. They include generally  Businesswoman, High & Low-Rank Government Officials, Film stars, Beauticians, Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, Politicians, Ministers, Industrialists, Businessman, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Housewives, Students, Startup Entrepreneurs, Cricketers, Professionals, Architects, Entrepreneurs, Exporters & Importers, CEO, CFO, COO, CIO Of top-notch companies of the world, etc

He also gives services online and that’s why he is the best astrologer in NCR. His regular, & premium clientele refer Mr. Rajat Nayar to be the world’s best celebrity Bollywood astrologer. He is also considered the best pregnancy, fertility, and conceiving astrologer in the world due to his exceptional success stories through scientific remedies.


  • Horoscope or Kundli Milan
  • Depression Related Consultation
  • Astrology consultation
  • Numerology Consultation
  • Palmistry Consultation
  • Famous Vaastu Shastra Expert
  • Bollywood numerology
  • Gemstone and Special Customized Exclusive Pendant Expert
  • Tarot Card Expert
  • Female Astrology
  • Share Market Predictions
  • Corporate Consultant
  • Feng Shui Consultation
  • Remedial Astrology
  • Career field Consultation
  • Health Astrology
  • Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Manglik Problems
  • Commodity Market Prediction

Contact Details:

  • Address: Gateway Towers, C – 501, NCR, Sector 4, Vaishali, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh Pin code – 201010
  • Phone Numbers For Prior Appointment: (0) 93500 59046, (0) 93500 59047
  • Email Id:  rajatnayar23@gmail.com

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7. Astrologer Swami Somnath Shastri Ji

The famous astrologer Swami Somnath Shastri happens to be one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi. He is named for his best astrology specialist consultations. He has earned all this name because of his commendable job in this field. He has made people believe in the idea in the idea of astrology so that they don’t take it as a dilemma. People sometimes relate it to superstitions hence Swami Somnath Shastri Ji tried to make people have faith in astrology with a positive mindset.

His own motive to learn astrology to help others in their tough times. His services are the best you will come across and that too very affordable. No one is lacking in reaching the apt solutions for their problems.

Swami Somnath Shastri has the ability to give the most powerful solutions to any problem. He makes the utmost perfect predictions only with your birth date and timing as a prerequisite.

His experiences have flown to a level that now he has become a renowned face even amongst the celebrities. He even won awards for his work to save people from their life issues.

His services are extremely affordable for a common man. His expertise with the planets and their positions make his astrology vision so clear that it leaves people stunned. That’s why he is one of the top 10 best astrologers in Delhi.


  • Love Problem Solution
  • Family Problem Solution
  • Business Problem Solution
  • Love Marriage Specialist
  • Inter caste Marriage
  • Career Problems

Contact Details:

  • Phone no.: +91-7658024174

8. Astrologer Sandeep Shastri Ji

Astrologer Sandeep Shastri Ji has ranked in the list of Best Astrologers in Delhi yet he has widespread fame across the globe for his noticeable contribution. He has been working since his youth and today he is one of the top celestial prophets in India.

Sandeep Shastri Ji gives all sorts of celestial answers for individuals in problems like love problem solutions, intercaste marriage arrangement, Love Marriage Solution, love back arrangements, relationship issue arrangements, and a lot more. 

Shastri Ji has been granted multiple times by Gold Medal alongside grateful authentications for their commitment in Astrology and its extraordinary achievement for him.

On the off chance that there is any sort of issue identified with adoration, Vashikaran, relationship, and so forth then contact Shastri Ji to free yourself of your issues in a limited capacity of time.

He is the best astrologer in Pitampura, Delhi till now.


  • Love problem solutions 
  • Intercaste marriage arrangement
  • Love Marriage Solution
  • Love back arrangements
  • Relationship issue arrangements
  • Career Problems

Contact Details:

  • Address: Deepali Chowk, A21, Saraswati Vihar, New, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034 
  • Phone no. : +91-8968451186
  • Email: astrologersandeepshastri@gmail.com

9. Astrologer Acharya Murari Vats

Acharya Murari Vats hails from New Delhi and is fluent in Hindi as well as English during his consultations. Having adored the subject of Astrology since early on, Acharya Murari Vats has a methodology that is a mix of customary qualities and current science. He holds a graduate degree in Astrology from the University of Sanskrit, Shri Lal Bahadur Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi.

A fluent expert, Acharya Murari Vats, has his aptitude in zones including affection and marriage, matchmaking, labor, wellbeing, Vaastu, stink eye, schooling, profession, work moves, serious assessments, business organizations. His education has helped him gain expertise in this field and hence makes him one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi.

His unbelievable comprehension of Astrology and his precise readings and forecasts have changed a few lives.  His approach is a combination of traditional values and a scientific approach.

He connects with resolving issues for all the individuals who contact him. With twelve years of involvement behind him, Shri Acharya Vats is conversant in Hindi and lives in Delhi. He charges  ₹20.00/Min + GST as his fee which is quite affordable. He ranks the best astrologer in Delhi reviews in 2022.


  • Vaastu Shastra
  • Marriage Relationship
  • Education
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Prashna Shastra
  • Gemology
  • Rudraksha 

Contact Details:

  • Address: C 6/8, Third Floor, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi – 110053, Near Jain Mandir
  • Phone no.: +91-9650157306, +91-9250060985

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10. Astrologer Shri Prashant Semwal

An Astrologer with prodigious information and abilities in the field of Vedic Astrology, Shri Semwal has been offering visionary guidance for as long as twenty years. An Astrologer of critical notoriety, his immense information in Vedic Astrology has reliably conveyed exact readings and forecasts. His recommendation and horoscope readings have been incredibly precise. He is one of the Best Astrologers in Delhi online.

He holds both an MBA and an LLB degree. His steady accomplishment on forecasts has given him huge customers. He is a local of Noida and is familiar with English and Hindi. Soothsayers are enthusiastic about the investigation of Astrology and have dominated various parts of Vedic Astrology and related sciences.

They have huge information and the ability to manage individuals and give sound exhortation. Some of them offer a mix of advising, customary and current methods just as Vaastu, to guarantee prosperity.

Their sharp mind and instinct regularly lead them to manage individuals effectively and conquer hindrances. Individuals experience a positive feeling with the advantages of Astrology, and it assists people with fulfilling progress and live, prosperous, and stable lives. He charges ₹20.00/Min + GST as his fee which is quite affordable. He ranks the Best Astrologer in Delhi reviews in 2022.


  • Vedic Astrology
  • Gemstone Suggestion
  • Shodashvarga
  • Dasha
  • Remedies
  • Rudraksha

Hope this list gives you an idea about renowned names in the field of astrology who might help you whenever it’s time. The Best Astrologers in Delhi are just a call away. Don’t worry and hurry up.  

FAQs Related To Astrologers in Delhi

1. How much do the astrologers in Delhi charge for horoscope?

Usually, all the best astrologers in Delhi charge an approximate Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 for horoscope matching or reading.

2. Who is the best astrologer in South Delhi?

Acharya Sundeep Kataria is a famous and best astrologer located in South Delhi. His consultations have helped in making many marriages successful and also helped people to get back the lost hope in life. He charges Rs. 2,500 per session.

3. Who is the best astrologer in North Delhi?

Astrologer Jyotish is an astrology service located in Pitampura and is considered the best in North Delhi. They help unmarried people looking for the right partner. They also solve queries related to health, love, family, relationship, and married life. They charge Rs. 1,100 per session.

4. How do I contact astrologer?

Almost all famous astrologers have websites from where you can contact them and in this list I have also written contact details of every astrologer so that you can contact them.


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