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15+ Best Business ideas in Delhi with Good Returns in 2023

Best Business ideas in Delhi

Delhi is India’s national capital and business hub. And if you are looking for top business ideas in Delhi then you are on the perfect page listing more than 20+ startup ideas you can start in Delhi.

Forbes has labeled  Delhi as one of the fastest growing cities in the next two decades. And it is also important for you to know that Delhi is the third largest place for high net worth individuals. And more than that, Delhi is home to many millionaires and billionaire business men. Which makes this place special.

If you are looking to set small business in Delhi, don’t be hopeless, the City appreciates its small businesses too. There are  lot of business ideas which are growing so fast as the big businesses too.

Best Business ideas in Delhi

Here are so many Ideas low investment and comparatively moderate investment ideas for you to start in Delhi. Just look and start.

1. Starting a hotel

Starting a hotel is nothing less than a high profitable valuation companies if you have budget. Every day hundreds and thousands of visitors, students & job seekers to visit Delhi and as Delhi is continuously growing the city is becoming attraction point for everyone, so starting a hotel will be number 1 business for you.

But if you don’t have very high amount of investment then you can just give rooms like OYO instead of providing whole food and room services.

2. Starting a Cafe

Owning a cafe can also be high profitable business business for you to start. Unlike food stores and restaurant, cafes are very demanding because coffee is an integral part of everyone and liked almost by everyone unlike other fast foods and cold drinks.

3. Owning a buffet restaurant

As you have read earlier,  Delhi is the home to millions of people from different states, cultures and countries abroad. Variety of cultures and individuals need varieties of foods and dishes to feed. Owning a buffet restaurant could be the highest profitable business for you in Delhi.

You can keep the dishes you like, but for such a varietyful state we recommend you to keep very different varieties and tastes.

4. Event Management Company

Delhi is its own  business world, everyday a  lot of business events, parties, wedding events are on the track. So Event Management startup will work out for you. This business is can be trusted blindly. Just go for it.

5. Fashion Boutique

Fashion& Style is on the track in this modern world. Fashion Boutique can also be great business Idea for you. People in Delhi love staying stylish and so they love to try everything that is actually good. If you are a fashion designer who want to be known for your work, do start a boutique. 

6. Start a Franchise

Delhi is home to thousands of startups & companies. Starting a franchise can be profitable business for those who are in other business too. Because some of the big companies give their brand franchisees to the businesspersons only, but you can get other opportunities too as there are many low valuation companies in India which are ready to  give their franchises to the interested ones also.

opening franchise is very common business for the new entrepreneurs. There are many companies in different segments like food retail , beverages and cafes, fashion& clothing, education.

7. E-Waste Management

As we all know Delhi is technology & political hub, then the E-Waste is a big problem here too. E-Wastes are the constant concerning point for approx all nations and states.”India currently ranks among the bottom 10 out of 180 countries on the Environmental Performance Index 2018 as per the World Economic Forum 2018.

The first regulations to manage e-waste in India were introduced in 2011. They came into effect in 2012. The e-waste rules have been amended twice” -business today. The problem that need so much attention, E-Waste magement is one of most appreciable business that is going to be most profitable business in near future. All you need is a little bit research and investment .

8. Start with Becoming a Webpreneur

 Webpreneurship is the process of using the internet to start and grow a business. It can be done by starting a website, creating digital products, or through online marketing. So now you shouldn’t have any doubt about webpreneur and webpreneurship. You can look for this if interested but it needs some trainings and qualification but afterall , this is going to going to give you a very bright future & career.

9.Tech-Gadgets Shop

 As you have already read Delhi is known for its technology, So starting a tech -gadgets shop is also a very great idea. There is a big market for tech and gadgets at every place in Delhi and thus opening a business which sells tech products is a smart choices. The Best working Idea for you.

10. PG service 

Starting A Paying Guest service can also be an option for you to think. Everyday new faces visits Delhi something, the Visitors or tourists need really a residence for themselves.

This business is high profitable because of abroad students who came to study in Delhi. So house and room rental business can also give you enough money if you have services to give,without doing really some hardwork. 

10. Hostel for Students & working Professionals 

Opening a hostel service is also  a great earning idea for you to start in Delhi. 

Delhi hosts a large population from other parts of India. Thus, providing a hostel for students or working individuals sounds a nice business idea.Hostel services are very demanding for such cities.

11. Luxury Travels service

 Tours and travels business are very successful for such cities where everyday thousands of visitors, students and business professionals come Delhi, they need such services and you need an idea. just go for it.

12. Own a Real Estate Consultancy

Owning real estate consulting agency is still a high profitable area to earn . Despite of this digital era every individual wants to have property and mainly real estates. For Delhi, everyone is busy in their lifestyle and in making money & they need to a consultant to meet their needs. So start earn with this idea.

Though there’re many already operating in Delhi, offering a unique service with good consultancy will be very profitable.

13. Starting a paper carrybag service

Plastic polythenes and carrybags are very useful for any market. In today’s era, we use it even without wanting. But it is as dangerous as it is useful. Starting a business of paper carry bags will be most profitable and low investing for you.

Without any investment you can earn 7 figure monthly if you opt out for it. Also kee in mind that you should use useless papers like newspapers for making carrybags instead of using paper from industries.

14. Solar Product Distribution Company

Delhi is the city that never sleeps and everytime power supply is needed.Electric energy is going to be one of the biggest problem in near future and so big is the search for its solution. Power shortages has become very big problem for business Capital of India.

Delhi locals are constantly looking for energy alternatives.Electricity is the integral part of people. And for Delhi which works whole night no electricity means, you  just think. So you can turn this problem to   profitable solution i.e. profit for you ,solution for everyone ,you can just own a solar product business ,which has a lot of potential for progress in the future.

15. Opening Gift Shops

Everyday a lot of people from nearly all around the world visits this mega and metro city, they too want to bring something for their relatives  while returning, so opening gift Shops near visiting places is also a very good business idea.

16. Fitness Training Centre

Unlike gyms, in fitness training center one gets practical advices in food habits,  exercise & not to do mistakes  that are enough be fit and live qualityfull life.And In Such a populated and polutted state like Delhi, the demands for fitness mentors and coaches are ongoing.

Making people fit  will bring you a lot satisfaction and happiness with good earning. Moreover you will be serious about your own fitness too. So if you are thinking a slight about it, don’t wait to get started.

17. Digital Printing Business

The business with no high need of qualification which can give you more than enough money. There are lot of digital printing business in Delhi and nearby cities but the demands are ongoing. Opening a digital printing business is really a great idea to earn money and to have a new experience as well.

18. Cleaning Services

Cleaning service business is some of the fastest growing business especially for the business city. As people are getting so busy with their professional lives that there is hardly any time to look after home and thus in such circumstances that option of maids and cleaning service comes handy and affordable.Start this firm with Low investment to  get high profit.

19. Handbags Making 

With a market that continues to grow, the purse and handbag market has proven to be profitable year over year. If you’re looking to sell purses but would prefer to test out the market first, explore selling wholesale handbags instead of making your own.

You have to do a slight research for this ,but this is going to be very great idea for your money to invest.

20. Photography & Videography Business

Full-time photographers can typically make anywhere between $30,000 and $75,000 per year, and some make even more than that. Many photographers prefer to transition into photography part-time so they can get an idea of if it will be financially sustainable as a career. So if you are interested in this just turn your passion into profession.


If you really want to start your own business in a big city like Delhi then you must definitely have some business idea if you have some special idea which you want to start in Delhi city then you can do it. Delhi’s hyperactive economy scenario makes it a prime economic destination across India. This land is best for those people  who want to start their own business but if you are from another city but have any confusion in your mind about the market here. Hope the ideas we mentioned above will help you & Hope you will be able to establish your business here.



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