The 7 Best Online Tools You Should Use for Team Collaborations

Best Online Tools

Ours is becoming a virtual world, a global village where you can connect with persons hundreds of nautical miles away merely by tapping a button. This makes it possible to have teams spread all over the last world and certain tools are at the forefront, driving this innovation. 

Specifically, these tools are useful for team-building, access to diverse human resources and talents, and boosting workflow efficiency. There are many tools we can find today, but below are the best tools for team collaboration. 

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This online tool has made a name for itself for team collaborations. With its collaboration-enabled features, file sharing gets more accessible and helps put out productive work online. 

It has several tools that allow team members to convert, merge, compress and rotate files. It boasts powerful algorithms that help produce and retain quality output for team use. If you ever need a multifunctional PDF tool, GogoPDF is your first call. 

Soda PDF

Soda PdF has become a tool that many people have come to rely on. Multiple PDFs can be merged into one file and files can be edited. The documents you created can be shared with others. One of its great features is the security and signature of files.

You can easily use it to work with your team. One can create more than 300 file formats with it. File types like word, excel can be converted. You can be able to annotate your files, the contents of your document and be able to create customs forms

They have a good customer support system with a variety of deployment choices and can be able to give discounts on volume licensing. Your content can be modified, hence giving you control over your files.


It is an online visual collaboration tool that helps you organize and manage projects in such a way it can be fun, flexible, and good. You can have drag and drop editing within its features. It also has the advantage of a card archive within it. It has an easy organization of tags, labels, and comments. When you create a Trello board, you can be able to give your team current information, news, and updates related to the business and industry. When you click the Trello icon, it saves you the time of copy and pasting. In other words, it saves you time with projects.

DropBox Business

 You can be able to manage your team, secure your data and be able to follow up on whatsoever your team is doing.

You can easily share your files and works with whosoever you need to share them with the online cloud storage can help keep your files safe. 

With it, wherever you are, it will make you productive, be it at home or your workplace. Team members will be able to see your edited files even when you share them. It has features that can keep your files where they should be.

Microsoft SharePoint/ Teams

This one can be used to create websites by organizations. On your device, you can be able to use it to store, organize and save data and files. Web browsers including chrome and explorer can help in achieving this.

They have online features that can help one to create, edit the list of things to be handled online.


When you share a channel with slack, your friends, vendors, partners, and associates can be kept because of the features that this tool has. It is indeed very unique. Slack helps you to find and locate things easier than struggling to access things. It is access-free and is so easy. 

With slack connect, collaborate with teams of other companies the same way you do with teams on your own. Other services like google drive can connect and help you streamline work.

Soda PDF online

This tool can help you in many ways by converting to pdf, convert from pdf, manage pdf online, pdf reader, pdf creator, OCR pdf, pdf from filler. You can check this tool here:


It brings together the tool every team needs for the on-time and boasts a valid and prompt delivery of work and on-point team accountability. It also helps in risk management. It can offer easy access to files. This tool is hackproof and ensures good file security. It has become a name that organizations are identifying within recent times. 

It boosts team collaborations and other goals of partnership such as smooth workflow and operational efficiency. It enables team play better, real-time multi-functioning, and boosts productivity and output.

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What is the best online collaboration tools in 2021?

1. GogoPDF
2. Soda PDF
3. Trello
4. DropBox Business
5. Microsoft SharePoint/ Teams
6. Slack
7. ProofHub


All these tools that have been listed above have been beneficial for the online team collaborators who work tirelessly to share information and files. With Slack, ProofHub, Trello, Dropbox, Microsoft Team, Soda PDF, and GogoPDF, you can be sure to unlock an unlimited teamwork experience. 

Each app has helped in building collaboration in a team, as their file sharing option, video conferencing options, cloud storage, and security readily make them indispensable to teams.


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