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Bike Storage Ideas: 8 Ways How to Store Your Bike at Home

Bike Storage Ideas

There is no such bike storage that can easily work for everyone’s needs. With hundreds, even thousands of bikes on the market (different styles and sizes), finding a perfect garage bike rack can be a tedious task for anyone. Depending on how many bikes you have that need enough space, you need custom bike storage ideas that can work for you. Here we have listed eight simple ways to store your bike at home. Just keep scrolling down below to find the right one for you!

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Create bike storage into your desk

How does it work and why is it considered one of many garage bike storage ideas?  This first way of storing your bike is like killing two birds with one stone, especially if you’re looking for a clever desk design that allows you to place a bike and have extra space to keep the tires in place. One example is a desk from Chol1, in which it can accommodate up to three different wheel sizes. Plus, it is made from a pine material with three colors you can choose from–natural, white, and dark.

Build a bike storage wall

If you have a little space at home or at the office to store your bike, opting for vertical bike storage is the best choice. This is even ideal for family houses or flat-shares that need to store three or four bikes. You can always use a Koova Bike Rack since it’s easy to install on any wall and can handle even up to 6 bikes with so much ease. If ever you’re interested in buying this one, you can always check this out on Storables.com.

Get wall-mounted bike storage hooks 

If hiding those bikes is a big no for you, using wall-mounted storage is probably the best solution you can go for. Plus, this is the best option if you don’t have enough or huge space at home since all you need to do is install the hook (it comes in a small size). This way, you can save so much floor space by simply hanging up all your bikes.

Use bike storage as a room divider

Does it sound unusual to use a room divider and bike storage in one? Yes, but that’s exactly what this curious unit is all about. You can always consider having Post Fossil’s Swiss-made ‘Shoe Books and a Bike,’ which provides enough space to display your most treasured items and allows you to store a helmet of shoes simultaneously.

Buy a secure metal bike shed

If storing a bike inside your house seems impossible due to limited space, then you’ll be needing a super-secure outdoor set-up. Ensure that you’re looking for a bolted and concrete metal bike storage. Not only that, check if padlocks, security chain, and ground anchor are all included in the package for easy-storing your bikes outside. 

Use bike storage as an extra feature inside your bedroom

 You can always display your bikes above the bed. It may seem impossible, but you can always turn a regular old bike into such an installation art using a Hero system. It is a simple yet smart way of storing horizontally in your bike collections’ left or right orientations.

Get a sofa that fits with the bike

Yes, you can easily sandwich your bike between the sofa and the wall. But you can buy and invest in a sofa that can be used as a storage space for your bikes. For instance, having an S1LLÓN sofa is a great option as it features a sort of bench at the back and comes with a groove for your back to sit in. This is the best way to store your bikes if you don’t want to hang them on the wall or place it in the hall.

You can go for a simple stand

Sometimes, it is best to go for a simple storage solution. One best simple bike rack storage is from Hobo, in which it can be used as a display and work stand for cleaning, servicing, or just simply storing your bikes. You can do this in indoor or outdoor storage space and come in green, red, white, or black colors.


If you have many bikes at home and don’t know exactly where to store them, you can always look for the best solution available on the internet or in magazines today. Plus, there is a lot of bike rack storage available out there that you can use anytime you want. All you need to do is look for the right one, and that can keep your bike safely in your living space. You can even find many options for bike storage racks by simply visiting Storables.com!



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