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Cleantech Startup Clairco: Has Raised Angel Funding About Rs4.2 Crore Led by Sanjiv Bajaj

Cleantech Startup Clairco

Indore Air can be 3 to 4 times more polluted than outdoor. It says Clairco the company which is an air cleaner startup which founded by Aayush Jha and Udayan Banerjee in 2018. They said that Indore air can be more polluted than outdoor. And air purifiers are very expensive, that’s why they started this startup in which, they has built the technology of air purification at a very affordable cost.

Co-Founder of Chief Executive of Clairco Aayush Jha said that they have raised angel funding which is led by Sanjeev Bajaj. He said that he has raised funds of 4.2 crores. So, that they can enhance there core team and increase its R&D capacities. Along with that, he said, We are gain 5 times more growth in 2020-21 and we want to increase it 10x in next year.

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Clairco is an start-up that addresses the issue of air pollution by implementing a proprietary air purification process that provides clean air as a service by charging a monthly fee on the SaaS line (software as a service) model. The company has developed this patent-pending in-house air purification method.

Air purification has been historically very costly and involves high capital investment, which is why its adoption has been low despite an urgent need, particularly in the post-COVID world.

At Clairco, we have developed proprietary technology to make air purification affordable, observable and scalable for commercial real estate.



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