PDFBear: Convert PDF to PDF/A to Ensure Lifetime Access


As a student in the 21st century, you no longer have to scout for the nearest computer shop just to print your assignments and exercises. More often than not, you are now dealing with PDFs instead of hard copies of the documents because it is convenient and cost-effective. However, this file format will not exist for a lifetime which means that your documents will be inaccessible sooner or later. For sure, no one wants that to happen to their files containing information they allotted time and effort to accomplish. To prevent this from happening, you have to convert them to PDF/A which is a type of document with no dependencies on external resources. 

When converting your documents, you have to use a reliable and fast online tool like PDFBear instead of expensive and complicated software. Keep reading to know how the website creates a properly formatted PDF/A.

Convert PDF files to PDF/A for lifetime access

You might have the perception that converting PDF to PDFA is difficult and expensive. Well, that is true if you are using the wrong converter tool. However, if you want a streamlined and straightforward conversion process, it is best to use PDFBear. It requires only the use of a smartphone with a working browser and a fast internet connection. Here’s how you can easily transform your files into the desired file format.

Step 1. Know the name and location of the file you want to convert

Before the converter tool can start the conversion process, it needs to gain access to your document. You can do it by clicking the select files button at the center of the screen or drag and drop the file into the toolbox. Before visiting the website, you have to know first the file name and file location to avoid encountering difficulties in uploading the file.

Step 2. The converter tool will scan your uploaded document

The converter tool will have to verify if the document is in PDF by scanning it. It will only proceed to the conversion process if you uploaded the right file format, otherwise, it will bring you back to step 1. To not waste time, make sure that you uploaded the PDF file you wish to convert to PDF/A.

Step 3. Download the file as soon as it becomes available

Once the properly converted PDF/A appears on your screen, you can immediately save it on your device, google drive, or dropbox. You may even share it via email or through your social media accounts by copying the associated link.

What is the difference between PDF and PDF/A?

Before we dive into the details of converting PDF to PDF/A using PDFBear, it is vital for you to know their key differences. Some people claim that they are just the same so they think that there is no need to convert the documents. Other students are not aware of PDF/A’s existence so they ended up losing access to their files. 

The Portable document format or PDF is the most popular Adobe format today due to several reasons. It embeds the font size, font style, and layout of the document which allows you to share it with your classmates easily and efficiently. They will not experience formatting issues no matter what kind of device or software they use to accent the received files. Its primary purpose is for sharing files online and publishing digital books.

The portable document archive or PDF/A on the other hand is a subset of PDF that is primarily for archiving purposes. Just by looking at its name, you know that it has the power for long-term preservation. It uses a stricter standard to ensure files can last for as much as you need them. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does PDFBear convert files quickly?

  PDFBear values the time of its users so it makes sure that the conversion process lasts only a minute or less. You just have to visit the website and follow the steps indicated above so you would not waste a lot of time. However, it might be longer for files with large sizes or devices with poor internet connectivity. 

  1. Is PDFBear safe from hackers, malware, and unauthorized people?

PDFBear uses the 256-bit encryption technology which is the same security system used in banks. It secures all your uploaded data by abiding by the data privacy law. It implements a 60-minute rule wherein it will remove all files on its server after an hour of uploading them.

  1. Does PDFBear require users to download software?

To access PDFBear, you don’t have to download any software or application as it operates using a Cloud system. Everything happens online from uploading to converting which means that it will not consume any of your device’s memory space. 

In a Nutshell

Converting your PDF files to PDF/A would be beneficial in the long run. It will allow you to make your important files to be safe, secure, and accessible for years to come. Make sure to head over to PDFBear’s website for a fast and reliable conversion process.


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