Home Business CPQ: The Key to Increasing Your Sales as a Manufacturing Company

CPQ: The Key to Increasing Your Sales as a Manufacturing Company

CPQ The Key to Increasing Your Sales as a Manufacturing Company

Organizations throughout the U.S. lose sales if their workers take too long to deliver comprehensive quotes to their manufacturing customers. Customers want immediate answers and cost estimates when they are ready to buy a product, and delays encourage them to turn to a different company. Understanding what CPQ entails helps companies find efficient methods of closing sales and accommodating a larger client base.  

What Is CPQ? 

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software works with enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management integrations. The sales tools deliver accurate quotes for products or services to customers who submit proposal requests to the company, and the automated integrations speed up sales processes. Using the CPQ integrations offers mistake-free quotes based on the company’s price list, possible discounts, and custom order details.

The CPQ products increase revenue and give customers faster answers about their orders. The accelerated processes decrease approval times and close more sales for the organization. Are you ready for faster sales and higher profits? Learn more about CPQ for Manufacturing and how to streamline sales processes. 

Save Time for the Sales Team

CPQ integrations save the sales team time and prevent the workers from becoming overburdened when trying to close sales. Instead of answering calls for customer requests, the automated systems generate quotes based on the customer’s proposal request. Manufacturers save details about manufacturing services, including the cost of supplies, labor, and deliveries to the customer’s location, and the automated CPQ integration generates an estimate based on the order details.

Instead of managing guaranteed sales, the workers address the needs of customers on-site and close more in-person sales. The sales team focuses their time where it’s needed the most.

Improve Product Knowledge 

CPQ helps customers understand the products more and what to expect when setting up their orders. Instead of a bunch of complex verbiage that’s hard to understand, the customers see 3-D models of the prototype, and they adjust their preferences to meet their needs. Customers design their own products according to what is available through the manufacturer.

An advanced understanding of the product line helps customers decide what works for them. They’ll know what they want when placing an order, and the sales team won’t waste time explaining each element of the products.

Shorten the Sales Cycle 

Manufacturers who don’t have CPQ integrations may take weeks to create a comprehensive customer quote. The reason for the long time frame is that they must set down with the customer and review their current demands, and the manufacturer searches their supply list to see if they have the right supplies on hand to complete the project. CPQ offers automated quotes, and the company shortens the sales cycle. Companies convert the quotes to cash flow faster if they use CPQ instead of managing these tasks manually.  

Improve the Company’s Operational Efficiencies

Operational efficiency is possible if the company connects the CPQ to existing systems, and the workers avoid the task of re-entering customer details into the system. The combined integrations place all data into one centralized location where the sales team opens customer files faster, and the data transfers to the sales forms through automated processes. Automated CPQ systems send the order to the manufacturer directly, and the integration adds the new project to the workflow.  

CPQ drives up sales volumes and converts comprehensive quotes into faster profits. Shorter sales cycles increase revenue for the company and don’t overburden the sales team, and manufacturers save time and money. Want an inefficient method of selling your products? Turn to vendors for a CPQ integration now.



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