Home News Dandera OTUA three wheeled electric vehicle for last mile deliveries

Dandera OTUA three wheeled electric vehicle for last mile deliveries

Dandera OTUA electric

Electric mobility startupS Dandera Ventures has launched the OTUA electric cargo three wheeler priced between Rs 3.5 lakh ex-showroom to Rs 5.50 lakh ex showroom. The vehicle is intended for last mile delivery & logistics use.

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Dandera says that the OTUA is a 100% indigenous products with all component, from the body to the batteries, designed and manufactured in India. The vehicle measures 3,670mm long, 1,500mm wide and 2,160mm high. It features LED headlight and the driver’s cabin support air conditioning. The cargo area has a length of 1,960 mm and a load capacity of 900 kg.

Dandera OTUA

The Dandera OTUA is powered by a 12.8 kW motor. It uses a 15.8kWh battery, which provide a range of 165 km according to the brands. The brand offers an improved battery for the higher variants that have a range of 300 km on a single charge. Charging can be done via a fast charger or a household plug.

Kshitij Bajaj, Founder and CEO of Dandera Ventures, said, OTUA raises the bar for everything last-mile delivery drivers and fleet owners have come to expect from an electric charging vehicle. From worldclass, industry leading ergonomics and driver safety to outright performance in terms of reach, volume and capacity; OTUA is the first charging EV that offers an uncompromising vision of the transition to sustainable mobility for the global logistics and last-mile delivery industry. (Dandera OTUA)

The brand has not disclosed any plans on partnership with the brands in logistic & last mile delivery businesses, but has said there are partnership with electric vehicle charging solution brand. The vehicle will initially be available in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Advance reservations have begun and the first deliveries will begin next year. (Dandera OTUA)



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