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Digital Marketing Hacks for Tech Startup 2022

Digital Marketing Hacks for Tech Startup

Digital Marketing Hacks – If you still don’t fit into the product markets, I think you should focus on acquiring some customer to get close first. You can try many method, including content creation & distribution, SEO, SEM, personal connection from your networks, etc.

It is essential to experiments on a small scale using various approaches & small cost. In general, I would starts focusing on content earlier than planned because it help in so many way, like defining your brands, getting thought leadership, and making sale material.

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Digital Marketing Hacks

However, your marketing plan should be different if you have reached the PMF Product Markets Fit stage. I will describe the step in this article.

Be active on Twitter & LinkedIn

It is very importants these days to stay active on platform like Twitter & LinkedIn. Be consistent. This is a process. You can’t go viral in a day, and you can’t go viral with predefined tool. It’s a prayer, and you don’t know when it will be answered. Be nice and don’t try to be mean.

Use influencer marketing

The right kind of marketing is when people start talking about your products on the right platform. In the past, people used to follow the advertisement of big celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra & Virat Kohli. But now everyone know that all celebrities promote for money & the return on investments is not what it used to be. However, micro influencer marketing work now. (Digital Marketing Hacks)

People follow industry leader or people who are doing well in a certain niche, so if they talk about your product & include it in a Twitter thread like top 10 products to follow or top 5 best tool for engineer or whatever fits your product, you’ll get more attention. You can find the right people who have a large following on their profiles and connect with them to write about your product.

Create a blog

Post new article regularly to make your products search engine ready. Also, build backlink from authorized websites. So what is the point of getting backlink? Increase the authority of your domains.

What does domain authority mean? Aah, look, if you meet Narendra Modi Ji & take a picture with him and post it on social media, your network will see you as a more important person. That’s how domain authority work, too. If I get a backlink from a site like CNN, BBC, NY Times, etc, the authority of that site will be transferred to my domain. (Digital Marketing Hacks)

Content creation

Content is king, as the old saying goes, but distribution is publics. A king is only a king in his own empire & for his own people. If you go to another country or place & tell people that you are the king, nobody cares.

Product Positioning and Messaging

Why does your company even exist? Having a clearer vision of your objectives will helps you craft a more effective positioning statements. Talking to your client is the best way to develop your positioning statements. You cannot construct an effective brand positioning statements from the sky. (Digital Marketing Hacks)

Instead, you need data. Using data, your positioning statement will become an attractive magnet for the appropriate customer. Typically, you do not sell directly to consumer. Your brand should show what the products is all about. Communicate with your customer, utilize a spreadsheet to organise your interview, and identify & assess your competitor competitive intelligence. (Digital Marketing Hacks)

Paid Media Ads Copy

Use an ad library or ad spy tool to look at your competitor ads & find out which ones performs best in your niche and on which platform. I think LinkedIn, programmati ads, guest posts, media buying, etc. They are the best advertising platform.

Important things to consider

Along with the digital marketing tricks mentioned above, the following are some of the important things to consider when enjoying digital marketing from deep tech startups:

  • Find out where leads fall or where lead nurturing can get stuck.
  • The A/B testing method.
  • Competitor ads and keyword research.
  • The content should be written by experts in the field.

So, these were some of the top digital marketing tricks every deep tech startup should follow to get the best possible results in the industry.



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