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Doubtnut Which is an Ed-tech Startup Raises 224 Crores in Series B Funding Round

Doubtnut Which is an Ed-tech Startup Raises 224 Crores

Doubtnut is an Ed-tech Startup which was started in 2016. It is designed to solve the problems of students. If any student has a problem in any question in any subject, then he can scan and find the solution from this app. It became very popular among the students and millions of students have downloaded it.

On Thursday morning, the team members of Doughnut told in the news that they have raises 224 crores in Series B funding led by SIG and Lupa Systems. The company said that by using this fund, they will spread their service to students in many languages and will also launch many different-different courses.

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In the starting Doubtnut help students to find their solutions. As soon as the students liked the Doubtnut app. Now, they started providing study material, Online tuition, live classes and test series to the students. The company said that over 2.5 Million students use the app on the regular basis. On the Doughnut platform more than 600 million minutes use on the monthly basis.

The feedback from the students shows that the students are able to use this app very easily and the question whose solutions had to take hours of internet and teachers help to find them, they can find them in seconds by using this app. Team members of Doughnut told that by understanding the main problem of the students and using technology, they have given them solutions so that the students can understand more and more things in a short time.



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