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Top 5 Ecommerce Products & Catagories Favoured by Customers

Ecommerce Products and Catagories Favoured by Customers

Top 5 Ecommerce Products – It is 2022 and almost every products or service that exist is for sale on the internet. In fact, it is the era of online shopping. From groceries to jewelry, you can shop for everything online. One only need to search for it, a thousand option & hundred of vendor are available right in front of your phone screen.

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It’s just a matter of click and your wish list item are delivered within 10 minute to 2-3 days. This is all correctly called e-commerce & we cannot stress enough the fact that the world has gone completely online and there is no way to stop shopping.

More and more people are joining the world of daily online e-commerce transaction thanks to the increasing cases of the COVID-19 pandemic that united the whole world under a single internet web. A truly staggering numbers of people each year connects to online e-commerce website & we can’t believe the number we see. (Products)

more than two billion people made purchases online, and if we add all the data, we will find that more than a quarter of the world populations has access to at least one or more sites and platform of e-commerce shopping.

But have you ever wondered what people buy on these platform? No, it’s not just limited to electronic or clothing, the list is long. It is evident that online app cater to very basic need like groceries & toiletries, and offline purchases have greatly decreased.

But what is the ratio? Since much of the public still believes in buying their stuff offline, we can’t conclude that the online markets is the real boss. We are here to decode the data with the helps of reliable sources & survey available on the Internet, let us see. Online shopping saves money, saves time, it’s exciting, and it’s revolutionizing the way consumers psychology work.

Sales Value Breakdown

Therefore, e-commerce companies have always been a great options for online shopping since the introductions of digitization. Many consumer don’t even consider a day without buying product from an online retailers. Surveys & research say that by the end of 2050, more than half of the world populations would be buying & selling online. So we headed toward the ultimate digitization.

Top 5 Ecommerce Products

Both homeowner & consumer can take advantage of online transactions facilities due to the transformative effect of digitization & widespread public access to the Internets. People can select any daily use item they want, including appliances & kitchen. Let’s see what sells more and less on the Internet. (Products)

1. Clothing & Apparel

Among most of the people who shop online, the majority prefer to shop for clothes. The reason is that they have access to a wide variety of clothing & wardrobe option to choose from. This is much more than the limited stock shown to them in a physicals shop or stores.

They can choose the colour, the range, the fabrics, the design, the brands, the occasion, etc. easily. Also, most online shopping site offers free shipping & free exchange, which might not be possible in the markets.

2. Footwear & Shoes

Regarding online shoes shopping, surveys say that about 58-60% of peoples choose to buy their shoes online. Previously, due to sizing issues, people chose to stick to physicals store for their footwears.

But with companies introducing standard shoe sizes online, most of them have switched to online shopping. Needless to mention, they get access to a lot more option in the online mode, and easy exchanges & return add to the setups, thus adding to the no. of online shopper.

3. Electronics & Gadgets

According to recent surveys, almost 90% of peoples who use online shopping have bought an electronics gadgets, gadget or device, or a device online at some point in their lives. Great deal, discount & deals are mostly available online which might be absent in a physicals store. (Products)

Because electronics product are quite expensive, people always want to save on them. Hence, they prefer to buy it online. From phones to laptop & TVs to refrigerator, online shopping sites are an attractive marketplace for electronic.

4. Games & Toys

With the popularity of Disney, Star Wars Dora, etc., games & toys have become one of the best selling item in the online markets. Hamleys, Shumee, Toy Cart, Toy Champs, etc. are some of the most famous brand selling toys online. (Products)

With the rise in the number of millennial parent, the number of parent buying games & toys online has increased dramatically. Not forgetting that Play Station like Xbox, PS 5, Oculus, etc. They are always in fashions online & more and more people are buying them.

5. Veterinary & Pet Items

Pet product are in high demand online. Whether it is pedigree, dog harness, dog belt or dog healths care items, people prefer to buy them online to avoid the hassles of offline markets. Often the products they are looking for may not be available offline, so people are more interested in buying it online, where they have greats option & varieties. About 35% of online sales are for veterinary & pet supplies.

6. Stationery

Stationery rules the worlds of online shopping site. From book to pen, crayons & planner, all stationery item are sold in large number every day on online shopping site. While you may not find the book you’re looking for at the city largest library, you’re sure to find it online.

There are many unique pieces available online. From student to people who go to the office, everyone likes to buy their stationery online because they can save a lot on it too.

7. Furniture

The hassle of buying furniture from a physicals store is too much. There are concern about the quality of the wood, the durability of the furniture, etc. To avoid all this, about 30 to 40 percent of peoples prefer to buy them online.

Furniture sales have increased dramatically after the pandemic. People buy all kind of furniture from rugs, recliners & bed to sofas etc. Sometimes there are deal on free mattresses etc along with beds, sofas etc making it a lucrative deal for the customer.

8. Sport product

Lately, the online sport markets has seen huge gains as people seek outfits used by popular player that are not usually available on the markets. Online shopping not only saves time, but some of the people who buy sport product online say that they usually get them at cheaper prices compared to the markets. And additional benefit include certified product, free repair, etc.


The world of electronics commerce or online shopping is booming! We’re pretty sure you shop online too. Have you purchased any of the above mentioned product offline Every day we come across product that may not be easily found on the markets. Therefore, online shopping site are our resource.



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