Express VPN Review: Secret to Safe Surfing Globally

Expressvpn review

Express VPN started in the year 2010 has gone out to become one of the leading VPN service providers within a decade. One of the key reasons for its dominant force is its strict no-log policy.

Express VPN ensures that none of your data or your Internet activity gets tracked.

Ensuring complete privacy, safety, and freedom, you have the liberty to search across any geo-blocked websites from anywhere in the world.

In this article, we’ll have a detailed ExpressVPN review to find out why it is still better than most of its competitors.

So here is why you should give Expressvpn a try if you still haven’t given it yet.

Express VPN

  1. Ease of use: Compared with the rest of its peers, Express VPN is quite simple to use. Just with the click of a button, you can find yourself masking under the hood, while surfing on the Internet.

    What’s even more awesome about ExpressVPN is the size of the application. The application is not bigger in size, neither heavy for your smartphone as well as seamless in operation.

    The simple interface with the lightweight makes ExpressVPN the number one choice if you don’t want your space in the device to be exhausted.

  2. Just not a VPN anymore: Express VPN is way more than being just your friendly VPN. It comes along with multiple features like speed testing, extracting diagnostic information, and doing a lot more than just surfing.

    DNS leaks often represent a major threat to privacy. ExpressVPN ensures that you stay updated with any such form of leaks, as you can check for DNS leaks with the built in-app.

    AES 256 encryption ensures that your activity over the internet stays protected.

    The VPN killswitch is a perfect product feature that you must use, while you are downloading or torrenting your favorite movie.

  3. Device compatibility: The wide list of devices with which ExpressVPN is compatible can blow off your mind.

    Video, Android, Apple, or your Nintendo Switch.

    You can find all of your devices getting along well with ExpressVPN.

    No more worries about subscribing to different VPN services for different platforms.

    What’s more exciting is the number of devices we can use on it parallelly. An adequate number of five devices can be parallelly used over Express VPN that makes it even more awesome.

    Are you wondering what could be done if you need it for more than five devices?

    Don’t worry as there is a solution for the same as well. Installing Express VPN on your home router can enable you to use it on more than five devices seamlessly.

  4. Experience lag-free surfing: Say goodbye to those days of buffering your favorite video while using a VPN service. Express VPN comes along with a reliable connection, striking speed & an awesome performance that makes it the first choice in over 150 countries.

    Unlimited bandwidth is another feature that you must not take your eyes off.

    With consistent performance in zero lags, while connecting to the server all across the world, Express VPN makes itself a great VPN for users.

    Express VPN reviews also show that the time to connect to the servers is very negligible. Users have quoted about no speed drops or no disconnections While using express VPN.

    Bottom line: Express VPN is quite popular, not only due to its awesome features, but also its great torrenting and downloading facilities. You can watch blocked content on Netflix in your region with the help of Express VPN.

    Enjoy an awesome surfing experience with unlimited bandwidth while torrenting with ExpressVPN. Don’t let cybercriminals know your activity online as you enjoy your favorite show on Netflix. 


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