Fitelo aims to help you achieve long term wellness

Fitelo aims to help you achieve long term wellness

Fitelo – Obesity is on the rise in India. Since the fourth round of the National Family Healths Survey, conducted between 2015 & 2016, the prevalence of obesity has increased from 21% to 24% among women & from 19% to 23% among men.

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Fitelo aims long term wellness

Poor eating habits & lack of physical exercise are, of course, some of the reasons. This, coupled with the Covid19 pandemic, which saw a sudden interruption in an active lifestyle, further exacerbated the problems. Unsurprisingly, more people are becoming interested in fitness.

There are already plenty of healths & wellness focused startups like Fittr, HealthifyMe, Cure.Fit, and Possible to helps people reach their goal. The digital health care market is pretty big, too: It’s poised to be worth $372 billion this years.

Another startups that has more recently entered this space is Mohali based Fitelo. Launched in 2019 by Mehakdeep Singh and Sahil Bansal, Fitelo aims to helps its users achieve long term fitness and wellness goals by making it a habit rather than a fad.

This approach stem from the founders’ experience: the duo struggled with weight control in their younger year, and though they tried different techniques to keep fit, the result were mostly short term.

The startups aims to help its customer adopt a weight loss approach that they can easily implement into their lives. This includes a focus on nutrition, proper exercise, and good sleep pattern, among other.

There is no calorie counting involved. There is no portion control or following fad diets. We don’t ask our clients to follow a strict gym routine, There are no supplements or medications either.

Fitelo platforms has a three pronged approach: first, they determine body type, composition, and requirement through body analysis, and then provide a personalized diet plan based on customer preferences.

Second, it uses internal technology to understand customers habits & helps them improve their lifestyle. Third, assign a coach that best suits the client to suggest diet and exercise plan this is done through live classes, pre recorded sessions, calls & chat inquiries.

While many other startups offer similar services, one aspect that separates Fitelo from the rest is its approach through behavioral science. The idea is to help your customers build a healthy habit on a consistent basis.

Fitelo also helps customers learn to read food labels so they can make informed decisions before consuming any packaged food. The goal is to help people take small steps.

Once we’ve created a lifestyle profile of our client, using technology we can identify gap in their fitness. From a single platform, we can suggest interventions in all areas, said Bansal.

Since its inception, the company has had more than 25,000 users in 50 countries and has onboarded more than 200 trainers. Bansal revealed that the platform covers Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities and Indians living outside the country.


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