Top 10 FMCG Companies In India – 2022

FMCG Companies In India

FMCG i.e. Fast Moving Customer Goods is a company that sold its product quickly because the expiry date of these products is very less, due to which the FMCG is also known as CPG i.e. Consumer Packaged Goods Company. If we talk in India, FMCG is counted as the largest sector in the Indian economy, because India produces and sells the most fast-moving consumer goods.

If we talk about the whole world, Nestle manufactures and supplies the highest number of fast-moving consumer goods in the whole world, out of which it has a branch in India which supplies the product with the name of Nestle India Limited. And speaking of India, Hindustan Unilever Limited is the largest product producer and supplier company in India. Hindustan Unilever is a UK-based company with its headquarter in London.

If you are looking for a list of FMCG companies, then in this article, we will talk about the Top 10 FMCG Companies In India that supply the most products, what is their market capitalization, what is their network, And how these companies operate. You will know everything in this article today, apart from this, if you have any query, then you can tell us in the comment box.

1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd

Hindustan Unilever Limited is one of the largest FMCG company in India. It is a UK based company named Unilever plc. The Head Quarter in Mumbai India. In everyday life, we use a lot of products that make Hindustan Unilever Limited, but still we know that product with different name and different brand because Hindustan Unilever Limited has distributed its product in many brands by which General people do not understand that the products they are using manufactures the same company.

Some of the Famous brands of Hindustan Unilever Ltd are Dove, Lux, Lifebuoy, Pears, Hamam, Lyril, Rexona, Surf Excel, Wheel, Comfort, Clinic Plus, Sunsilk, Fair & Lovely, Pond’s, Lakmè, Vaseline, Bru, Taj Mahal, Lipton, Brooke Bond, Cornetto, Kisan, Annapurna, Magnum, Close up, Pepsodent, and many more.

Products Manufacture By Hindustan Unilever Ltd – Annapurna salt and Atta, Bru coffee, Brooke Bond tea, Kissan squashes, ketchup, juices and jams, Detergent, Cleaner, Fabric softeners, Toilet cleaner, detergents and bleach, Aviance Beauty Solutions, Axe deodorant and after shaving lotion and soap, Health care and personal care products, Hair cream and hair gel, Anti-dandruff hair products, Clinic Plus shampoo and oil, Close Up toothpaste, Dove skin cleansing & hair care range, bar, lotions, creams and antiperspirant deodorants, Denim shaving products, Glow and Lovely, skin lightening cream, Hamam Indulekha ayurvedic hair oil etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai, India
  • Founded In – 1933
  • Revenue – 40,415 crore
  • Operating income – 9,291 crore
  • Net income – 6,764 crore
  • Total assets – 20,153 crore
  • Total equity – 7,998 crore
  • Number of employees – 21,000
  • Parent – Unilever plc

2. Nestle India Ltd

Nestle India’s parent company is Nestle, which is a Swiss-based company whose headquarter in Switzerland. The headquarter of Nestle India in Haryana Gurgaon which manufacturer and supply the food and drinks products.

Maggi is a very famous band in India, its parent company is Nestle India. In addition, Nestle owns the brands like KitKat, Munch, and Koko Crunch.

Products Manufacture By Nestle India Ltd – Milk products and nutrition, beverages, prepared dishes and cooking aids, chocolates and confectionery. Nestle India manufactures products under brand names, such as Nescafe, Maggi, Milkybar, Milo, Kit Kat, Bar-One, Milkmaid and Nestea etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – DLF City, Phase II, Gurgaon, Haryana,
  • Founded In – 1959
  • Revenue – 12,615.78 crore
  • Operating income – 2,674.99 crore
  • Net income – 1,969.55 crore
  • Total assets – 20,153 crore
  • Total equity – 1,932.26 crore
  • Number of employees – 7,649
  • Parent – Nestlé

3. Patanjali Ayurvd Limited

Patanjali Ayurveda i.e. Patanjali is an Indian multi-national consumer goods company. The headquarter is Haridwar Uttarakhand. It is started by Ramdev and Balakrishna, who is a very famous yoga enthusiast. Patanjali gives the same brand for all their goods so that you can easily identify Patanjali’s products.

All the products made by Patanjali are made from a combination of Ayurvedic and natural substances. Patanjali manufactures more than 2500 types of products, out of which more than 40 cosmetics and more than 25 food products are included. Patanjali’s Net Revenue has reached 10 thousand crores within 15 years.

Products Manufacture By Patanjali Ayurveda Limited

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
  • Founded In – 2006
  • Revenue – 9,500 crore
  • Operating income – 9,291 crore
  • Net income – 590 crore
  • Total assets – 4,345 crore
  • Number of employees – 2,00,000
  • Name – Patanjali Ayurved

4. Varun Beverages Ltd

Products Manufacture By Varun Beverages Ltd – Pepsi-Cola, Seven-Up, Mountain Dew, Mirinda, Evervess, Tropicana Slice, Nimbooz, Tropicana Frutz, Aquafina

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • Founded In – 1995
  • Revenue – 4,948 crore
  • Operating income – 859 crore
  • Net income – 226 crore
  • Number of employees – 8,570
  • Name – Varun Beverages

5. ITC Limited

Products Manufacture By ITC Limited – Atta, Ghee, Salt, Spices, Ready To Eat Meals & Instant Mixes, Biscuits, Cookies & Cakes, Potato Chips & Finger Snacks, Ready To Eat Gourmet Cuisine, Masala Mixes, Chutneys & Conserves, Instant Noodles & Pasta, Juices & Beverages, Confectionery, Confectionery, Gums, Luxury Chocolate, Gourmet Coffee & Beaten Coffee, Dairy Beverages, Blended Spices, Frozen Prawns, Snacks & Kebabs, Fresh Potatoes, Frozen Vegetables and Tomato Puree, Fine Fragrances, Deodorants, Hair and Body Shampoos & Bathing Bars, Shower Gels, Bathing Bars, Handwashes, Essential Oils, Body Oils and Bathing Accessories etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Virginia House, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Founded In – 1910
  • Revenue – 52,001 crore
  • Operating income – 20,081 crore
  • Net income – 15,584 crore
  • Total assets – 77,367 crore
  • Total equity – 62,021 crore
  • Number of employees – 27,279
  • Parent – ITC Limited

6. Britannia Industries

Products Manufacture By Britannia Industries – Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Rusk, and Dairy products including Cheese, Beverages, Milk and Yoghurt.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • Founded In – 1892
  • Revenue – 11,878 crore
  • Operating income – 9,291 crore
  • Net income – 1,860 crore
  • Total assets – 7,253 crore
  • Number of employees – 4,480
  • Parent – Wadia Group

7. Marico

Products Manufacture By Marico – Hair Oil, Coconut Oil, Hair Serum, Anti-Hairfall, Male Grooming & Styling, Wellness, Skincare,

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Santacruz, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Founded In – 1990
  • Revenue – 7,439 crore
  • Operating income – 1,424 crore
  • Net income – 1,043 crore
  • Total assets – 5,002 crore
  • Total equity – 2,869 crore
  • Number of employees – 1,631
  • Name – Marico

8. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

Products Manufacture By Godrej Consumer Products Ltd – Fatty Alcohols, Fatty Acids, Surfactants, Glycerine and Specialty Products, home and personal care, pharmaceutical and food industries etc.

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Founded In – 2001
  • Revenue – 10,023 crore
  • Operating income – 1,977 crore
  • Net income – 1,495 crore
  • Total assets – 14,957 crore
  • Total equity – 7,796 crore
  • Number of employees – 2,768
  • Parent – Godrej Group

9. Parle Agro

Products Manufacture By Parle Agro – Chocolate Biscuit, Nimkin, Happy Happy Cream Biscuit, Milano Cookie, Parle – G and Monaco Biscuit, Candy, 2 In 1 Toffee, Fruit Drops, Orange Bite, Londonderry and Melody Chocolaty, Wafers, Fulltoss Candy, Salted Biscuits, Cheeselings and Namkeen, Fusion Chocolate, Exquisites Chocolate, Tasty Treasures Chocolate and Rich Delights Chocolate, Wheat Rusk, Chocolate Cream Biscuit etc

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Mumbai, India
  • Founded In – 1984
  • Revenue – 2,800 crore
  • Number of employees – 5000
  • Name – Parle Agro

10. Amul

Products Manufacture By Amul – Amul Milk, Bread Spreads, Cheese, Paneer, Dahi, Beverage Range, Ice Cream, Ghee, Milk Powders, Chocolates, Fresh Cream, Mithai Mate, Happy Treats, Amul PRO, Bakery Products, Amul Puffles, Mithai Range, Roti Softener, Panchamrit, Amul Sour Cream, Amul Cattle Feed, Amul Recipes

  • Website –
  • Headquarter – Anand, Gujarat, India
  • Founded In – 1946
  • Revenue – 38,550 crore
  • Number of employees – 1,000
  • Name – Amul


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