How a Company Can Deliver Fresh Fish To Your Home Directly From The Sea.

Fresh Fish To Your Home Directly From The Sea

Do you eat fish and meat? If you eat, you will know that whatever fish and meat you buy does not reach your home fresh, but the company I am going to talk about today can deliver fresh fish to your home directly from the sea. Yes, I am talking about

Every day we read in the news that many people die every day due to the mixing of chemicals in food, this is the biggest problem that we are unable to get natural and fresh food. Our population is so much that food consumption has increased a lot, due to which many companies use chemicals to make food look good for many days, and these chemicals are very harmful to our bodies.

It takes two or three or more people to reach the fish from the sea to our homes, and it takes two to three days to reach our house, along with these peoples use a lot of chemicals to keep them fresh. These chemicals are very harmful to our bodies, along with two or three days, which is also not good for our health.

How FreshToHome Started

So Kadavil thought about this problem, why should not the fish be transported from direct sea to homes in a single day, we can bring it to the direct house from the sea without using chemical and fresh fish. When Kadavil started researching this, he found that the demand for fresh fish is very high.

But one of the biggest problems with Kadavil was that he did not know all the types of fish so well, then he talked to Mathew Joseph and ended this problem. Joseph was a person with a lot of knowledge about fishes, and in 2013 he also closed his business due to a huge decline in his business, but Joseph knew nothing about online.

After that, Kadavil and Mathew Joseph created a blog called Freshtohome; they started teaching people through blogs and started telling them about various types of fishes and about many people who use chemicals before sending them home, which is harmful to our body. They made that blog an e-commerce website; after that, they started taking some website orders.

In today’s day, FreshToHome takes lakhs of orders every month. Now he expands their business to deliver many other foods like chicken and various types of other Seafood.

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