Google News Policies Bans Ad Based & Affiliate Model For Android News Apps

Google News Policies Bans Ad Based & Affiliate Model For Android News Apps

Google has updated its arrangement on news applications and basically attempts to crush the plan of action of information applications, for example promoting and associate advertising.

Here’s an update from the new Google Rules—

Any of the accompanying conditions must be met for an application that proclaims itself as a ‘News’ application on Google Play.

Until purchasing, news applications requiring a client to purchase an enrollment must incorporate a substance see for clients.

Applications for Google News MUST:

Give subtleties on the responsibility for news distributer and its benefactors, including yet not restricted to the official news site distributed in your application, authentic and obvious contact data, the first distributer of each article, and the first distributer of each article

Have a site or in-application page which gives the news distributer legitimate contact data.

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Applications for Google News MUST NOT:

Contains large spelling as well as linguistic slip-ups,

It just contains static substance (for instance, content that is a while old) and

Have as its essential point offshoot promoting or advertisement deals.

News applications that fuse content from different distributing sources must open up to regard to the distributing wellspring of the application’s substance. News strategy guidelines must be met and every one of the sources must consent.

Google News Policies don’t permit locales or records that imitate any individual or association, or that distort or hide their possession or basic role. We don’t permit locales or records that participate in inauthentic or facilitated conduct that deceives clients. This incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to, locales or records that distort or hide their nation of beginning or that immediate substance at clients in another nation under bogus premises. This additionally incorporates locales or records cooperating in manners that disguise or distort data about their connections or article autonomy.

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