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Bombay Greens – How A Couple Started His Startup in This Covid-19 Pandemic

Bombay Greens - How A Couple Started His Startup

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people are spending their lives in self-isolation and many people are also adopting a lot of activities to keep themselves calm so that they are just calm with relief their minds at home. Some peoples have very big gardens and there are many people who have small gardens and balconies. So they are thinking to start gardening. Too many vegetables have been lacking. They are still thinking that we should plant some vegetables from ourselves. Today we will talk about Bombay Greens – How A Couple Started His Startup in This Covid-19 Pandemic.

To keep this in mind, the couple Tanvi and Ankur Agarwal living in Mumbai has started a startup named Bombay Greens – a range of DIY kits, where they will help people to do their gardening very well together they says will help peoples to microgreens, herbal teas, vegetables, and fruits.

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Both say that they like fresh vegetables very much, along with they say that we like fresh salads so much that only the vegetables that we wanted to make at when we bought from the market They used to bring it either it was not fresh or it used to be chemical in it, keeping this in mind, they thought why not grow vegetables at home, we can grow our vegetables without chemical and we can eat fresh vegetables, it is absolutely right that people like fresh vegetables very much and together it is also very beneficial for our health. Both say that DIY growing kits are so easy, even a child can easily grow vegetables using it.

Tanvi has done her studies in the field of MBA marketing and was work in Unilever and Marico, along with Ankur also has an MBA degree and he was working in Times Network. In 2015, both are designed to quit their high-paying Job. After leaving the job both launched his own company Regor. In which they sell unique electronics and mobile accessories, today he has listed more than 30 products in Amazon and about 5 such Product that is the top-rated products in Amazon.

According to the research of both, they found that peoples are now taking the education to grow vegetables at their homes. To full-feel this, they started Bombay Greens in May 2020, where Tanvi pays attention to B2C sales, marketing, and designing the brand, on the other hand, Ankur is focusing in R$D, New Product Development, Supply Chain, and B2B selling.



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