How Paraphraser tool Help Bloggers to Avoid Plagiarism

How Paraphraser tool Help Bloggers to Avoid Plagiarism

If you ask me one thing that makes a piece of content rankable in search engine result pages, I would say plagiarism-free content. 

Bloggers and content creators are wary of plagiarism because they know that their content is worth nothing if it contains the duplicate text. 

They are well aware of SEO guidelines related to plagiarism and its effects on the ranking in search engines. Also, they cannot afford a terrible consumer experience based on content because the audience is pivotal in inbound marketing.

Moreover, content is meant for marketing and for the audience-people who need that product or service. Nowadays, people are smart enough to know which content is copied and which is unique. 

Due to the pervasive appearance of plagiarized content, bloggers cannot make both ends meet. As a result, their responsibility has increased twofold.

 On one side, they have to maintain their content’s quality, and on the other hand, they have to make it plagiarism-free.

However, they can get away with this conundrum by using a best Paraphrasing tool

paraphrase tool

Why do bloggers abhor plagiarism?

If you are a blogger or a content writer, you may know the term SEO. It is also called search engine optimization, or a set of techniques used to rank your website on search engines like Google.

People have made their online presence to promote their existing business or establish a new one. Therefore, they have to be visible for people to sell their products or services. 

That’s why they use SEO to make their websites appear on the top search results. 

The main impediment in achieving this goal is plagiarism. Bloggers can face various problems arising from it.

Decreases quality:

Plagiarized content is no less than junk. The content that you copied might have already been copied from somewhere else. People demand fresh content that fills them with information.

 Therefore it does not create an impact on readers because they might have read it already.

Those who copy other’s content are sluggish people who do not research, as they want quick fixes to earn. 

Therefore, such content is not credible and resourceful.

It will profoundly affect your SEO strategies that your audience will leave your website gradually.

Affects website ranking:

Your content needs to be plagiarism-free; otherwise, your website may de-rank. You should know that ranking is different from click-through rates or CTR. Ranking can not alone justify your sales. 

Through link building, you can improve your SEO and, in turn, your website’s ranking, but that may remain temporary. 

The reason behind it is that someone can plagiarize your content and may bypass your ranking. As Google said, there is no penalty for plagiarism. A more readable and extensive content may rank even if it is plagiarized.

This is why honest and hardworking bloggers who use white hat Seo techniques abhor plagiarized content.

How is paraphrasing a remedy for bloggers?

To paraphrase is defined as rewriting a text in a completely different way. In this way, the text becomes plagiarism-free. 

Rewriting here means redefining sentences with different syntax and vocabulary to not resemble the original one.

It is clear from the definition, this technique is to remove plagiarism, but it has other benefits also:

Makes comprehension easy: 

It is said that a sound reader is a good writer. Therefore, you may increase your writing skills through paraphrasing. In addition, you may come up with new ideas while paraphrasing. 

Makes your content more readable:

You will get an idea to repurpose your content and make it simpler yet powerful. Not only this, you can add essential keywords to better rank your article.

 In other words, you can make the text better in the areas where it was lacking.

Improves the use of grammar:

Grammar is the most essential part of blogging, as you can’t be a blogger unless you have a good grip on grammar. 

By rephrasing, you can correct the grammar of a text efficiently. 

How to do paraphrasing?

There are two ways to rewrite the text; you can do it manually or with an online paraphrasing app or tool. 

Good English skills are a prerequisite for manually rewording a text. If English is your second language or not adept at it, try avoiding this manual technique. Otherwise, you would make mistakes and further exacerbate the situation.

paraphrasing tool app

However, manual paraphrasing is done as:

  1. Read the text several times thoroughly.
  2. Read it until you grasp the concept altogether.
  3. Rewrite in your own words but keep in mind that your text tone should not resemble the original one. 
  4. Use phrases and clauses to write the sentences differently.
  5. Read your text to make any other changes.

The drawback of manual phrasing is that it is time-consuming and needs a lot of concentration and practice. 

Notwithstanding the urgent need for content, manual paraphrasing cannot meet the daily goals. However, although it is a slow process, it has incredible benefits. 

Online paraphrasing is, nonetheless, a much better way to restate the sentences. Unlike DIY paraphrasing, it does not bother you to put much effort, as it uses an automatic paraphraser tool to do this task.

How a typical paraphrasing tool works?

It has intelligent algorithms that take up the text and transform it into something new. Nonetheless, most modern rephrase tools use Artificial Intelligence training the algorithms on NLP or Natural Language Processing.

Using paraphraser tools, you can produce humanized content- content that seems to be written by a human.

A typical paraphraser works as:

  1. Add text into the input box.
  2. Click on the extra features to customize paraphrasing.
  3. Click on the paraphrase button to get a transformed text.

These tools are created to save your energy, divide your work burden, and improve your efficiency.

Conventionally, you can access these tools by visiting their website. Nevertheless, to get a better user experience, you can use a paraphraser app. 


This will help you access the tool from your mobile phone, irrespective of the location.


Bloggers need to eradicate the menace of plagiarism that has entered the content writing world and strengthened its roots. 

They overwhelmingly affect the SEO and website ranking and reduces the creativity of a content writer.

 Moreover, creating low-quality content can stigmatize your website. As a result, people will not trust your website eventually.

The only solution lies in using a paraphraser tool that removes such content from your text and makes it unique.


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