How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business in 5 Steps 2022

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

The best domain names are short, memorable, branded, and can even improve your ranking in online search. To choose a domain name, first try using your business name. If that’s not possible, create a list of alternatives, add keywords, choose the right domain extension, research the domain’s history, and finally register your domain.

Register Your Domain

After choosing the best domain name for your business, make sure your preferred domain is available. Checking domain availability will take just a few moments using domain name lookup tools like Bluehost,, Google Domains, and GoDaddy. To learn how to secure a domain name, follow these steps to register your best domain name

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Start With Your Brand Name

Your domain name should reflect your brand and vice versa. For maximum brand recognition and URL retention, see if your brands name is available for purchase. Your brand sets you apart from the competition, and including your unique brand name on your domain can help you stand out.(Best Domain Name)

Create a List of Alternative Domain Names

Unless you have an extremely unique business name, the chances of the domain name becoming available are slim. Before you begin your search, make a list of at least five to 10 ideal best domain names to use. Adding words like The, My, or Your can make all the difference, as domains like demonstrate.

Choose the Right Extension

Choose the Right Extension

Your domain name does not stop with the root domains. Part of learning how to choose a best domain name is choosing the right domain extension. This makes your entire domain name look more credible and can also give a little hint of the industry your business is in. For example, .com means commercial and applies to almost all types of businesses, making it the most popular & competitive domain extension.

Here is more information about the different types of domain extensions and who they are best for:

  • Business Entities : Business entities in any industry often use the .com extension. This is the most credible, memorable, and widely used, so try it out first before looking for other extensions unless your business falls into a specific category, like the ones below. Others commonly used for general business purposes are .website & .biz. (Best Domain Name)
  • Commercial Websites: US-based companies using .inc domains indicate to the site visitor that the organization is an incorporated entity.
  • Web and technology : .net stands for network and was originally used for companies in the technology industry. Now, it’s becoming more popular with companies in other industries that can’t buy a .com extension. See whether to use .com or .net for your business. Today, many tech companies are opting for the .io extension, even though it was originally intended as a country-specific designation.
  • Organizations and nonprofits : Charities & organization often use an .org extension, so deciding between .com & .org is easy, as using .org implies that your business is a nonprofit organization. profit.
  • Government Entities : Federal, state, & local government websites often adopt the .gov extension.
  • Law Firms & Legal Services : Law firms & legal services businesses, such as paralegals, may choose to use the .legal domain extension.
  • Shopping Platforms : The .store domain is suitable for e-commerce, retail brands, & online stores.
  • Agencies & consultants : An .agency extension is ideal for business services such as staffing, marketing, or accounting, as well as business consultants.
  • Nation-based services : You can also use a location-based extension, such as .us or .ca, for the US & Canada, respectively. Choose a local domain extension if you want to focus on strengthening your local presence in a specific country.
  • Other Popular Extensions : In addition to the popular extensions above, there are options like .edu for educational institutions. A .me domain can be used as a custom web address for resume or portfolio sites. Meanwhile, a .club domain is suitable for subscription sites, social clubs, membership sites, and online communities. Your choice will ultimately come down to the industry your business is in.

Add Keywords That Describe Your Brand

Using relevant keywords in your domain name not only increases brand retention, but can also improve your search engine rankings. Keywords tell both human visitors and search engines what your site is about, so choose keywords that describe your brand, like

If you get stuck, try using keywords research tool to helps you choose a domain name for a business. Choosing a domain name compatible with search engine optimization SEO can improve your site’s ranking in search engines, which, in turn, increases traffic. For more tips on choosing a domain name, read our guide on in-depth domain name ideas for business websites.

Why Choosing a Good Domain Name Matters

When starting a business, you’ll want to choose a memorable best domain name for your website. The right domains name can helps your business rank higher in search engine result & will be easier for people to remember. It’s also easier for customer to refer other to your website, & it’s the first impression site visitor have when they find your website online.

The web domain name you choose can also be used for your business email addresses, essentially providing free marketing for your business. Adding your domain name to email signatures, business cards, advertisements, newsletters, brochures, and other collateral can also be a great way to promote your brand offline.

Which domain type is best?

For many companies, .com is the best option, since it is the most used. However, competition is stiff for .com domains, and other extensions also provide memorable alternatives. Be careful when choosing domains for a specific region such as .au. Choose those extensions if you want to geographically target a particular country for Google ranking purposes.

How do I secure a domain name?

Once you’ve decided on your domain name, go to a domain registrar like and buy it, usually for around $12 to $15. Or, if you’re on a tight budget, there are ways to get a domain name from free form. The best ways to do this include signing up for a hosting plan or an all-in one site builder that gives you a free domain name, like Bluehost or Squarespace.

What domain type is most trustworthy?

.com is the most trusted top level domain, with .co a close second. When people try to remember a URL, they are 3.8 times more likely to assume it ends with .com than anything else.


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