How to Find Jobs in Saudi Arabia

How to Find Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Due to economical and personal reasons many people move to Saudi Arabia in order to find a job. Why do jobs in Saudi Arabia enjoy a big popularity among migrants?

Of course, as you may thought, the main reasons are big career opportunities and high salary. Saudi Arabia always has free vacancies to anyone’s liking. Good hardworking migrants are always welcome here.

Another reason why Arabia attracts workers is the lack of taxes. To put it more precisely, Saudi Arabia has a rather interesting taxation system. “The Zakat tax”, which helps the poor, is especially attractive. Such a tax exists only in Islam. “Zakat” can be called a compulsory charity that Muslims pay once a year under certain conditions. Citizens of Saudi Arabia spend no more than 79 hours a year on paying taxes. Saudi Arabia, and ranks seventh in the TOP 10 most convenient tax systems in the world.

Another reason- you are able to have your housing and transportation for free, because employers basically provide you with all necessary things.

What are the most demanded jobs in Saudi Arabia now?

Until 2000, women were prohibited from working. They were engaged in housekeeping and led a reclusive lifestyle. Now they can find employment in the medical industry, education and sales. Good English can be taught as a teacher or tutor. Basically, they work as doctors. Only a woman can work as a gynecologist and dermatologist in the Kingdom. It is difficult to find a vacancy in technical specialties.

Job opportunities, job vacancies and salaries for men are higher. Most of the local population is involved in the oil industry. If there is no specialized higher education, then you can find work in tourism, sales, real estate or entrepreneurship. Due to the special conditions of income tax, it is much more profitable to open your own business in the country than to work for someone else.

To find a job in high-paying sectors of the economy, you need to know Arabic and English.

A medicine specialist with a higher education and finance or low earns up to 20 thousand dollars per month. Great industries in Saudi Arabia also include IT, tourism, automotive industry, surgeon, entrepreneurship, industry of oil, cleaning, technology, science, education, agriculture, finance, ecology, marketing, jurisprudence, sales, manufacturing.

How to find a job in Saudi Arabia and what should I do?

Many sites come to the rescue, the best one we recommend is the Layboard, which consists of many necessary components.


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