How to move your WhatsApp group chats to Signal

Signal app

If you have decided to dump WhatsApp and move towards Signal, you probably have one of the biggest concerns – how to move friends and family and how you can possibly move your group chats there. Relax i have the solutions for those of problems.

If you have been living under the stone this is a decent an ideal opportunity to advise you that WhatsApp is changing its privacy policy and you need to ‘agree and accept’ if you intend to continue to use the Whatsapp post February 8.

WhatsApp will be “inexorably linked” to Facebook going ahead, and keeping in mind that WhatsApp has “explained” that these progressions are for WhatsApp’s Business users only, to be straightforward the entirety of this doesn’t sound convincing or safe.

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There are more secure and safer messaging options available for users right now like Signal and Telegram. Even Elon Musk tweeting about “Use Signal“, that is by all accounts the top.

How to convince others to chat regularly, to transfer Signal as well as chat groups on WhatsApp.

There is a very simple way to do the latter, for the former, well, you have to do that to reassure yourself.

How to move WhatsApp group chats to Signal

  • First of all you need to download Signal App and install it in your device.
  • Set the application at your end. Just enter your phone number and sign up.
  • Now, click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the app and select the action menu.
  • Click on New Group.
  • Now, you will need to add at least one contact to be able to establish a group on the signal. Select that contact to get started. Tap the arrow to continue.
  • Name the group and click on group create.
  • Go to Group settings and Click on Ground Link.
  • Toggle the group link to ‘on’ and then tap on ‘share’ to get a shared link to the group..
  • Now you can copy that group link and share it with anyone you want.

Be that as it may, your old chat won’t be moved to the signal, Obviously. However, there is really a little cost to pay for security.

All about Signal App

Signal is a good choice for privacy focused WhatsApp Alternative app , you could go with it in 2021. All things considered, first of all, it doesn’t gather any user data and offers end to end encryption simply like WhatsApp.

On making another profile, all it asks is your phone number, that also isn’t connected to your profile.

As features, you get one on one chat, group, video/voice calls, vanishing messages, just as a protection lock to get your own messages far from your family or friends.

Its simple to use smooth interface will make you forget about Whatsapp.

Is Signal app really safe?

Those are secured by end-to-end encryption, with the encryption key put away on your device. In spite of the falsehood that has been twirling around lately, your WhatsApp messages only reae by you and your correspondents, as long as nobody hacks into your phones.

What are the alternative App for Whatsapp?

Here is the top Whatsapp Alternative app –
1. Signal
2. Telegram
3. Viber
4. Google Hangout
5. Threema
6. Kik
7. Snapchat
8. Discord
9. Skype.
10. Element


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