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How to Start Bedspreads And Blankets Manufacturing Business In India 2021

How to Start Bedspreads And Blankets Manufacturing Business IN India

Hello Startupcrow reader, today we will discuss How to Start Bedspreads And Blankets Manufacturing Business in India.

Bedspreads Manufacturing Business in India – Bedspreads and warm blankets are needed in our house every day because bedspreads are applied on the beds and blankets are used to cover ourself in winter, so they are in good demand and they are never out of demand because the more houses the more demand.

In view of its demand, today there are many companies that produce bedspreads and warm blankets and the company has accumulated crores of business and there is a huge Bedspreads and Blankets market inside India and is famous all over the world.

So here in India, the bedspread and warm Blanket business is very successful, so if any person wants to start a small business of his own, then he can start Bedspreads and Blankets Manufacturing business and earn good money.

Market Scope of Bedspread and Warm Blanket Manufacturing Business

Bed Sheet Manufacturing Business – India is a world class largest producer of products which are exported all over the world, the biggest reason for this is a large quantity of cotton plantations in India.

Cotton, and many other cloth materials are used in making bed sheets. It is here that all types of raw materials are easily available, so this business runs well here.

Requirements for the business of manufacturing bedspreads and warm blankets

Bedspreads and Blankets Manufacturing Plant Business Requirements :- To start this business, many things are required but the requirements depends on the size of the business because if the business starts from small level then not much things are needed.But if the business starts from large level then there are many requirements. Bedspreads and Blankets manufacturing Plant requirements list –

  • Business Plan
  • Investment
  • Land
  • Building
  • Machine
  • Electricity, water & Basic facilities
  • Raw materials
  • Staffs
  • Vehicle for Transformation

Investment in the business of Manufacturing of Bedspreads and warm blankets

Investments For Bedspreads and Blankets Manufacturing Business – Investment in this business depends on this business and on the land because if you start a big business then you have to invest more and start small business then less investment in it has to be done and having own land then work can be done in less money and if land is rented or bought then more investment has to be done in it.

And there are many types of machines inside it and the rates of all are also different, investment also depends on them, after that to start this business at a good level, a machine has to be bought and a building has to be built in which the machine will be installed and stock.

To keep everything, building then electricity, water facility and raw materials and vehicles have to be invested separately for all.

Land For Bedspreads and Blankets Manufacturing Business

Good land is required in this because a plant has to be made on it, after that godown has to be made and some land is needed for parking.

Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Manufacturing Business Project Plan Guide Registration and License

To start this business, you need to do some registrations and licenses in India. It’s worth checking your state’s law. Here, we have listed some of the basic requirements.

  • Register your business entity with ROC
  • Obtain a business license from the city authority
  • Apply for Udyog Aadhar MSME. You can go for online registration. This is optional. It will help in getting loans and subsidies.
  • BIS certification.
  • Apply for a Trademark for Your Brand Name
  • You can get ISO certification for your company.
  • GST registration is mandatory

Machine and Raw Materials for the Bedspread and Warm Blanket Making Business

Bed sheet pillow cover making project does not require any complicated machinery. You will need to acquire the following tools and equipment.-

  • Foot operated sewing machine with all accessories
  • Double-needle sewing machine with motor and accessories
  • Flatlock Sewing Machine With Accessories
  • Embroidery Machine With Motor And All Accessories

Process to Start Business of Manufacturing Bedspreads and Warm Blankets

Area Analysis

If you want to start any business, first of all it is very important to analyze the area. Under Area Analysis, research is done within the area where you are going to start a business, there everything has to be known like how many plants are there already.

What kind of products are they making, how much is the price of their product, can you price less than that and find out everything what is the demand of the customer.

Land Selection

After doing Area Analysis, the location has to be selected and keep in mind that good transportation facility, water facility and electricity facility should be all things at that location Bedspreads and Blankets Manufacturing business opportunity

Project Plan

When the location is selected, then prepare your business plan and in this plan put all the things that have to be done inside the business like how much investment will have to be made, which machine will have to be brought, who will make which products, all such things are in the business plan.

Funds Arrangement

When the business plan is ready, then funds arrangement has to be done because we can not do anything without investment.

License & Registration

When the investment is done, apply for a license after that because if you want to sell Bedspreads and Blankets under a brand name, then you should required license for this.

Purchasing Required Machine and Tools

After getting the license for business, then buy machine for business because no business can be done without machinery.

Hire Workers

After doing all the things, you can start your business after hiring workers according to your business need.

Profits in the Business of Manufacturing Bedspreads and Warm Blankets

Earning in this business depends on your business like if you start big business then earn more and if you start small business then you will earn less, in this business you can easily earn 3 to 5 lakhs per month if you work well.



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