How to Start Solar Installation Business in India

How to Start Solar Installation Business in India

The first question that arises in your mind that ‘How to Start Solar Installation Business in India. India is third in the world after China, it is a high demand in the market because everyone is stepping into the direction of using renewable energy resources. The reason for this is that India is moving fastest towards alternative resources of energy like Wind, Solar, etc.

According to a recent analysis, India says that it is ready to move towards its solar goal, which is expected to increase the establishment of 14 GW in 2019. There are large numbers of opportunities for the solar installation business in India.

Essential things for the Solar Installation Business in India.

Solar Installation Business  Requirements– There is a lot of things needed to start this business but it depends on the size of the business because it starts at a small level, it does not require much and If the business starts at the large level then there are many requirements –

  • Investment
  • land
  • Plan
  • Building
  • Machine
  • Electricity, water facilities
  • Staff
  • Raw Material
  • Vehicle

Investment for Solar Installation Business in India

Investment for Solar Installation Business in India – Investment in this business depends on the business level and on the ground because if the Solar Installation business starts at a large level, it has to be more investment required and if starts at a small level then less investment is required. It has to be done (Solar Installation business) and its own land can work in less money and if the land rent or buy it, then there is more investment will be required.

 Total Investment :- Rs. 2  To Rs.  5 Lakhs

Land For Solar Installation Business

There is no need for specific land because it has to be made in the office.

Total Space :- 200 Square Feet To 300  Square Feet

Document For Solar Installation Business

If any business starts, then some personal documents need and some licenses also requried related to that business like –

Personal Document (PD)

  • ID Proof :- Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card
  • Address Proof :- Ration Card , Electricity Bill ,
  • Bank Account With Passbook
  • Photograph Email ID , Phone Number ,
  • Other Document  

Business Document (PD) 

  • MSME industry Aadhaar Registration
  • Business Registeration
  • Business pan card
  • GST Number

Solar Installation Business Process in India

Solar Plant Business Plan

When starting the Solar Installation Business in India, you have to prepare the Solar Installation Business Plan. There is a huge demand for this in the market, which is currently at the top spot for profitability and in the future it is expected to continue.

Market Research 

This is the most important factor in achieving your business successful. You should be aware of the market and your competitors, raw materials, other subspite costs for solar energy products, then you can succeed within your business.

License and Certification

If you want to start any company or business, then it is necessary to have license and certification. These are included in the Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, Tan, Pan and GST.


It is necessary to registration of your company after licensing, for the certificate registration, register your firm for business in the registrar office of its state.

Financial decisions

It mainly depends on the scale of your business or medium scale, but usually you can start with the investment of at least Rs. 2 lakh to 5 lakh .In Finance Department will mainly include: Land, Machinery, MANPOWER, RAW Material ProCurment, Building, Transportation, Office Infrastructure, Marketing and Tax Payment.

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Loan for Business of Solar Installation in India

If ou want to start Solar Installation Business from home, then there is no need for the loan but if you does business on the big level then it can take a loan to the Government of India to do business “Mudra loan” In which you can take Mudra Loan for Business of Solar Installation in India, you will have to go to their office and give your business detail to what you need in the business of Solar Installation in India.


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