How to use LinkedIn to Find a Job in 2021

Use LinkedIn to find job

Do you know How to use LinkedIn to find a job. Well in this article we will discuss about how to use LinkedIn to find job and show your skills on this corporate Social Media Platform. LinkedIn really have a great potential to find a job now a days.

LinkedIn is one of the top online social network for corporate, social and recruiting network. The website capacities as an online registry of individual professional and companies, and encourages the professional network systems without leaving your office.

In 2020 , LinkedIn have more than 660 Million members from more than 200 countries . Even top Companies Ceo, executive and Teamleader have joined LinkedIn.

Here is the essential Steps that will help you make the most of LinkedIn as a job seeker.

Use LinkedIn to find job

1. Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to grandstand your talent and skills and help the correct individuals and openings opportunity their approach to you. As your professional representation on the internet, you can set it up to be discoverable through the large numbers of searches on driving web crawlers and on LinkedIn.

Individuals with their atleast one past position listed on their LinkedIn profile are multiple times bound to be seen for expected open job opportunity through LinkedIn. Individuals with in any one education are multiple times bound to be seen when general & professional with a photograph on their profile are additionally multiple times bound to be seen as a general.

2. Make Strong network & Connections

Having a strong network is really essential for any member on LinkedIn. It show to those you know and trust, and you can use it for suggestions and to request presentations into a work or opportunity in which you are intrigued. Regardless of how the economy is , or what your vocation is doing, having a strong network is a decent type of professional stability. Try not to stand by until circumstances are difficult to sustain your network.

By connection with at least 50 trusted in contacts (ex workers, customers, schoolmates, educators, friends or family member.) you will build your chance of connecting with individuals and organizations that will assist you with landing in your job hunt.

3. Get LinkedIn recommendations

Ask current or ex employers and associates to present testimonials on your profile page to add believability to any skills or activities you’ve listed .

Just as sprinkling related keywords all through your profile, you can add skills independently. Don’t simply use conventional ones like initiative or teamwork.

Your LinkedIn connections would then be able to confirm that you’re good at something by supporting you for the various abilities you’ve listed, and these will show up on your public profile to show how skillfull you are.

4. Let connections know that you are looking for New job

Tell your network that you’re searching for a new position. Use your LinkedIn status to give those let to know that you are presently searching for another position.

5. Check whether the Company is Hiring or Not

LinkedIn Company pages let you to “follow” Company page in which you are intrigued. At the point when you follow Company page on LinkedIn you get information on fresh recruits, promotion at the company and even open job opportunity. Follow Company that you couldn’t want anything more than to work for and you will begin seeing these reports on your landing page when you login to LinkedIn.

6. Make your Profile more valuable

Your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to do your best, particularly if you are keen on new jobs openings. LinkedIn has a character limit for this segment, and you need to capitalize on it. The organization prescribes writing three to five short paragraph and leaving a lot of blank area so perusers’ eyes don’t coat over when they land on your page.

Additional ,your LinkedIn profile can contain your past work experience, skills, qualifications, and recommendations and endorsements from others in your connection. Your profile will help you get found on LinkedIn in light of the fact that it contains searching keywords in the post you post about yourself.

7. Put a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume

Put a link to your LinkedIn profile in the header of your resume (just after your telephone number and email address).

This will show bosses you’re present day and modern and will get them to click over to your LinkedIn and see all the extraordinary content you’ve added.

This will boosts your chance of getting welcome to interview and brings down the danger that they’ll look rapidly at your resume and proceed onward.

8. Use Easy Apply Features

You can also use Easy Apply , with the help of Easy Apply you can directly apply for jobs on LinkedIn. Just put your job titles or keywords on the Search bar which is situated at the top of right corner on every LinkedIn page.

fa particular jobs offer Easy Apply then you can apply with submitting your details & resume.This method is really works and it also save your time.


1. How to Use LinkedIn Effectively to Get a Jobin 2021

Use LinkedIn social media Effectively to Get a Job in 2021.
1. Upload a great headshot images.
2. Write a great headline on your profile.
3. Fill out all 50 skills there.
4. Write your past work experience in terms of results/accomplishments or achievement.
5. Get LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements
6. Show volunteer work/community involvement.
7. Start making connections and bulid networking.
8. Take advantage of Easy Apply features.

2. Is LinkedIn good for job search?

LinkedIn is certainly the social network for job looking for experts—or regardless of whether you’re not looking at the present time. 92 percent of recruiter use online media in their work today, and LinkedIn is the social network.

3. How do you say I’m looking for a new job?

1. Explain that you’ve outgrown the position.
2. Discuss your desire or need for flexible working options.
3. Discuss that how you feel about this new job is a better fit for you.
4. Say you are looking to change careers…and give a good reason why.
5. Tell them that this is your dream job or company.


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