Top 5 Interior Designer in Kanpur| Best Luxury Interior decorator 2022

Interior Designer in Kanpur

People have started hiring designers, started investing in renovations, and are becoming very interested in interior design trends. The story is no different in Kanpur. So, below, we have listed the top 5 interior designers in Kanpur that are capable of combining their ideas & creativity to transform your living or working space.

Interior Designer in Kanpur List

  • Design By Lavassa
  • V Create Interiors
  • Vijaya’s Interiors
  • Decor Designs
  • Heavenly Decor

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Design by Lavassa Interior Designer in Kanpur

Driven by a creative, dynamic and dedicated approach, Design by Lavassa offers first class interior design services in Kanpur. We have a deep desire to optimize any project by offering a personalized, unique service that is aware of the latest trends. Imandeep Lamba is the founder of Designs by Lavassa. He is a talented and professional Imandeep Lamba, who is an innovative international interior designer who leads his design team. Imandeep, with its Design By Lavassa team, offers a complete solution for your entire construction & furnishing process, from concept to completion, from creation to implementation.

At Lavassa, we focus on designing spaces that truly represent your personal style, taste and preferences. Our design are timeles & unique & add a lot of characters to your space. We as the best interior designers in Kanpur pride ourselves on creating luxurious spaces within budget and providing innovative design solutions that are loved by our clients.


  • home interior design
  • Kitchen interior design in Kanpur
  • restaurant interior design
  • Office interior design
  • room interior design


  • Website : Design by Lavassa
  • E Mail :
  • Phone : 9305827863
  • Address : 1st floor,120/840 Lajpat Nagar, Kanpur 208005.

V Create Interior Designer in Kanpur

V Create Interior Designer in Kanpur V Create is a one stop destination for all your Interior and Exterior requirements. We make makeovers, we transform your old residential, commercial, terrace or elevation to a new level. We are a young and dynamic company that offers comprehensive interior design solutions specializing in both commercial & residential.

We work with such skills to give your home & office a pleasant environment with plenty of space management and natural light. We create custom designs based on your requirements. We encourage creative thinking and the development of innovative ideas. Adapting change and learning is our core values.

Research : Once we understand the customer requirements, we begin our research to find the right material to meet our customer needs.

Master Plan : We will then design the master plan of the complete workspace with the specification finalized by the Client.

Selection of the finish : after the completion of the master plan and the material, we will purchase the product suitable for execution.

Ready to Execute : Then our team of execution experts will take care of delivering the Product on the right schedule.


  • Modular Kitchen
  • living room decoration
  • Dinning room
  • wardrobe and dresser
  • Children room decoration
  • Bath
  • Bid Units
  • wall cladding
  • textures
  • lighting ideas
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • artificial landscaping


  • Website : V Create Interiors
  • E Mail :
  • Phone : 8081922432
  • Address : 8/42 Arya Nagar, Next to Brain-O-Brain, Kanpur 208002.

Vijaya Interior Designer in Kanpur

Vijaya Interior Designer in Kanpur Vijaya Interior is a U.P. Independent. organization based in Kanpur and serving all over India. We specialize in the realization of commercial projects, that is, stores, ACP points of sale, banquet halls, gardens for parties, hotels, schools, laboratories, commercial kitchens. We are a professionally managed team made up of highly skilled operational and skilled workers.

We have a large number of trained personnel for each task, ie qualified carpenters, trained plumbers, experienced civil mechanic, etc. Our industry analysis provides an unbiased perspective and reliable assessment of an industry and includes market forecasts and industry trends, weaknesses, threats & opportunities, competitive strategies, market share determinations and company profiles.

Vijaya Interiors is at the forefront of providing all types of interior, landscaping and modular kitchen solutions under one roof, including all types of ceiling, flooring, plumbing, tabletop, electrician and furniture design. The areas that we cover in our services are commercial & residential, both sites and industry are within our reach.


  • Complete Interior Solutions for our Clients.
  • We deal with landscaping
  • furniture design
  • Furniture design
  • autumn roofs
  • Works Messin
  • bed room design
  • bar design
  • store design


  • Website : Vijaya Interiors
  • E Mail :
  • Phone : 9839085905
  • Address : 110/160 R.K. Nagar,80ft.Road, Kanpur 208012.

Decor Designs Interior Designer in Kanpur

Decor Designs Interior Designer in Kanpur is among the leading interior design firms with projects across North India. We are a team of energetic, professional individuals with talented designers and experienced managers available to guide our clients through the flawless and timely execution of any residential design project.

​Our team prides itself on creating luxurious and innovative homes that have a very intimate connection with our clients and their families. We understand that each project we start has specific needs, budgets and a level of quality with the work involved. Each home begins with a custom concept that directly correlates to these needs of our clients and their individual style. We are the best interior designers in lucknow. (Interior Designer in Kanpur)

We rely on our professional knowledge and advanced experience in the field of design to guide our clients through the process of interior remodeling, new construction, and interior finishing with exceptional customer service. Each members of Decor Design become an integral part of the collaborative process to bring an authentic style & home identity to our client residential spaces. Associates work passionately to offer turnkey design services to a luxury and high-end clientele. We are among the best interior designers in Kanpur.

We are the best interior designers in Kanpur. We believe in coordination, value creation and delivering our best design styles to our clients.


  • 3D rendering
  • color consulting
  • dining room design
  • house plans
  • Interior design
  • kitchen design
  • Illumination design
  • living room design
  • space planning
Decor Designs


  • Website : Decor Designs
  • E Mail :
  • Phone : 9807199122
  • Address : 111/3, 2 Nd Floor, Harsh Nagar, Kanpur 208012.

Heavenly Decor Interior Designer in Kanpur

Heavenly Decor is an interior design and execution company a team of 50 professionals specializing in healthcare, corporate and residential interiors. We have a complete housing design and execution team made up of architects, designers, project managers, construction engineers, etc. Heavenly Decor was founded on the belief that designs has the power to transform our lives. We believe in Green & Sustainable Interier. We are creative problem solvers. Innovative design conceptualization and execution are our key strengths. We also believe in wasting less.

Transform the quality of each space designed by us and, therefore, impact the client brand and general business. Create a perfect convergence of research and design technology. Transform the quality of life eventually. (Interior Designer in Kanpur)

Our Style : Shaped by a love of history, we love to keep as many of the bones of a structure as possible. Marrying in your personality is what really bring a home together

Our approach : communication is key. We are for what you need. We will help you solidify your vision & keep you in constant contact until your dreams come true

Our network : With a collective experience of 5 years, our network is very wide From architects and builders to artists and brokers, we cover every step of the process


  • 3d rendering,
  • basement design
  • bathroom design
  • bedroom design
  • color consulting
  • custom bathroom vanities
  • custom bookcases
  • Custom integrations
  • custom cabinets
  • custom furniture
  • custom home bars
  • custom kitchen cabinets


  • Website : Heavenly Decor
  • E Mail :
  • Phone : 91987 17671
  • Address : 130/195, L-1, Bhagahi, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur 208023.


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