Khatabook and Dukaan resolve issues outside of courtroom

Khatabook and Dukaan resolve issues outside of courtroom

The fight in court among Khatabook and Dukaan appears to have reached a conclusion with the settlement of debates outside the courtroom. The two organizations have together declared that they have settled everything concerning Dukaan App.

The settlement has come as an amazement for some as the two organizations were occupied with a lawful battle about counterfeiting and encroachment of copyright for as long as a quarter of a year. Giving an interval alleviation to Khatabook, the Karnataka High Court controlled Suumit Shah, author of Growthpond to circulate Dukaan application.

Following the court request, Google had eliminated the Dukaan application from the Play Store. As indicated by the joint press proclamation delivered by the two organizations, Khatabook will get ostensible value in Growthpond’s Dukaan application as a piece of the general settlement.

The settlement would clear streets for the Dukaan application to make a rebound on the Play Store inside seven days. The application was delisted from Google-claimed application store according to the court request on October 4, 2020.

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“We believe that retail facade applications are a significant answer for private ventures in India to keep working together on the planet with pandemic reality. With this issue now immovably behind us, Khatabook will zero in on driving the appropriation of the shopfront application, MyStore, by Khatabook. Growthpond will get Dukaan re-recorded and center around the application’s proceeded with progress.” said the joint public statement.

The terms and particulars of the settlement have not been shared because of a privacy understanding.

Habitual pettiness among Khatabook and Growthpond sprung up in August unexpectedly when the last served notice to the Sequoia-supported firm over copying logo and UI of its leader application — Dukaan. Following the notification, Khatabook renamed its application from Dukaan by Khatabook to MyStore by Khatabook.

After a month, Khatabook documented a writ appeal at the Karnataka High Court, which banned Dukaan’s fellow benefactor Suumit Shah from encroaching Khatabook’s copyright over the source code of “Dukaan” application.

The court’s structure likewise banned Shah from working Dukaan application in any structure till the following date of hearing. By the by, the lawful battle didn’t hose the interest of Lightspeed and Matrix. The two investments drove a $6 million seed round even after its expulsion from the Play Store.

As indicated by sources, the settlement between the two organizations has been guided by their patrons — Lightspeed and Sequoia. “At day’s end, the fight in court was certainly not a normal alternative for by the same token. It’s acceptable that they have settled the issue outside the court,” said one of the sources mentioning secrecy. “The scene additionally passes exercises to development and beginning phase new businesses: things can be settled commonly without including courts and throwing mud on one another,” the individual added.


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