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How a deal discovery platform – Khojdeal – is helping online shoppers find the best deals & discounts?

Khojdeal brand story with vaibhav lall founder of Khojdeal

Khojdeal is a Gurgaon-based deal discovery platform that was launched in the year 2016. It is the brainchild of Vaibhav Lall – an engineer by education and a digital marketer by passion. For Vaibhav, the inspiration to start his own company came from the desire to be around people smarter than me and accelerate the process of learning in life. 

With the launch of Khojdeal, he was able to achieve his vision of building a virtue driven organization and getting some really smart people under one roof who can build some great things together. 

Working on the affiliate model, Khojdeal offers a win-win situation for both online stores and online shoppers by driving quality traffic that converts to online stores and providing a financial incentives to online shoppers in the form of cashback. 

“The Indian E-commerce industry is expected to overtake the US to become the second largest E-commerce market by 2034. More than 220 million Indians will be shopping online by 2025. These numbers indicated that it’s the best time to leverage the power of affiliate marketing,” says Vaibhav.

What is Khojdeal?

Khojdeal is an online deal discovery platform on which offers & deals from various online stores, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Myntra, etc. are collected and clearly displayed. On the platform, customers can find the best deals quickly, easily, and in line with their interests. 

In addition to curating hand-picked deals from more than 200 online stores, Khojdeal also provides additional discounts in the form of cashback on shopping from select stores. This cashback amount can be transferred by the customer to his/her Paytm wallet. 

Besides this, Khojdeal also helps customers in making informed buying decisions by offering buying guides and product reviews. Since 2018, the platform has been testing, writing reviews and comparing thousands of products for their users.

How cashback works?

The principle of cashback is quite simple. Instead of making the purchase directly from the official website of the product to be purchased or from another online store, the customer goes through the Khojdeal website before proceeding with the purchase.

When the merchant site detects that the buyer has arrived on their platform through Khojdeal, the latter receives a commission from the seller.

Afterwards, it will be the Khojdeal’s turn to pay a percentage of this commission into the buyer’s account. Thanks to this discount, it becomes more economical to go through the Khojdeal website than to go directly to the official site.

How to register on Khojdeal? 

To benefit from the advantages offered by Khojdeal, customers must register on the website. This registration is very simple because they just need to enter an email address and create a password. Alternatively, customers can also use their Facebook or Gmail account to log on to Khojdeal. 

Once the customer has registered; a confirmation email will be sent to the address entered in order to activate the account.

After activating the account, a welcome bonus of Rs. 50 is paid directly into the user’s pot. It is also necessary to point out that this registration is completely free and that you will not pay anything during its use except the price of the products or services. 

Once you register on Khojdeal, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cashback on your online purchases
  • Additional discounts on millions of products with codes & special promotions
  • Invite friends and receive bonuses
  • Receive relevant email notifications of the best deals & offers

What’s ahead for Khojdeal?

Khojdeal is geared up for exponential growth this year. The only objective is to help people save more money by negotiating exclusive tie-ups with all major players in the eCommerce landscape. The platform is also planning to launch its Android/iOS application and a browser extension by next year.



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