Home News After unicorn status, MamaEarth now eyes IPO by 2023

After unicorn status, MamaEarth now eyes IPO by 2023


Skincare and beauty brand MamaEarth is experimenting with what she can choose to show up in public in the next 15 months, say two people who are familiar with the process. Although the company has previously stated that the IPO is two to three years away, the people mentioned above said that internal negotiations have taken place to enable people to register on financial year 24 for the past few months.

MamaEarth IPO 2023

There have been many discussions over the IPO over the past few week and there is a strong agreement for Mama Earth to announce it publicly by July 2023 said one of the applicants for anonymity.

According to these people MamaEarth is planning to implement IPO plans for the company management board. Sequoia Sofina and other partners are able to provide a green signal for the IPO as the company is strong and profitable said the person quoted above.

Despite the epidemic, MamaEarth grew rapidly in the financial year last march 2021 and also made a profit. According to Fintrackr, company operating costs from Bengaluru jumped 4.2x to Rs 461 crore in financial year 21 from Rs 108.9 crore in the previous financial year financial year 20

MamaEarth became the first unicorn of 2022 with a net worth of $ 52 million under the leadership of its first aide Sequoia. The company has emerged as a leader in consumer beauty products direct to consumer beauty and skin care and was valued at approximately $ 1.07 billion in the final budget.

MamaEarth funding is stronger than most online shopping companies that are in line to register people, said a second person who also asked not to be named. The company has eliminated financial year 22 by approximately Rs 1,000 crore and has set a target of setting Rs 1,800-2,000 crore crore this year (FY23)

Questions sent to MamaEarth, Sequoia and Sofina were not answered immediately. We will change the subject when they respond and when they respond.

Apart from India, Mamaearth has established operations in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and is about to be established in the Middle East.



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