MSME Ministry Says Beekeepers and Pottery Artisans Will Behave Given Training and Give Them Important Tools

MSME Ministry Says Beekeepers and Pottery Artisans

MSME ministry says on Thursday, all those who are beekeepers and pottery artisans will behave given training, along with all the things they need to make potteries such as the wheel, clay blunger, and granulator, etc. Will be provided to them by the government. Will also train them on how they are used properly.

With this, pottery artisans can make more and more things, and together they will know through training how to use modern technology to do their work quickly and how to make the production, even more variety and fast. And he will also be told how he can increase his income.

There are about 6075 traditional and nontraditional pottery artisans in India, who are unemployed young youth in the ruler area, they will get great help from this scheme which can eliminate their unemployed and also increase their income.

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Under the scheme, about 6075 Pottery artisans will also be given a support amount of 19.50 lakh, As well as the provision of about ₹ 50 crores for providing materials like clusters in terracotta, red clay pottery. Pottery artisans will be able to make a variety of goods and sell them on a large scale.

Under the scheme, bee boxes with bee colonies will also be distributed to migrant workers. Under Prime Minister Gareeb Kalyan Rozgar Abhiyaan (PMGKRA).

Under this scheme, about 2050 Beekeepers, entrepreneurs, farmers, unemployed youth, Adivasis will get benefit in 2020-21, for this MSME Ministry of India has also made a provision to provide a support amount of about ₹ 13 crores.


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