Ola Foundation And GiveIndia Started To Delivering Oxygen Concentrator All Over India


After the arrival of Second Wave Covid-19, many hospitals of the state are facing a lot of problems, in which oxygen and beds are the biggest problems, according to the report, there is no lack of oxygen and beds in India. Due to lack of traffic, We are not able to reach these places. Due to which many patients are losing their lives due to the lack of oxygen.

The Ola Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of Ola. They told that we are taking donations from GiveIndia so that we will deliver oxygen concentrators to consumers who will help them to save the lives of a lot of patients who are Struggling by seconds wave.

Ola, its initiative has been made in the previous week, under which they have sent more than 500 oxygen cylinders to the needy in Bengaluru. Apart from this, they said that with Ola’s app, we will give oxygen to the needy for free.

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According to the statement of GiveIndia and Ola, they said that we will have supplied more than 10,000 oxygen cylinders in the next week all over the India, we are trying to scale it across India very fast.

Ola has made the entire system much easier so that anyone in need can order an oxygen cylinder by putting some of their details in Ola’s app. Ola said that our specially trained driver pickup the cylinder. Will reach him in the shortest possible time, so that we will be able to fulfill his needs.

When that patient needs fulfill, his drivers will pick the concentrator up again and send him to GiveIndia so that he will be ready again for the next patient.

In this difficult period, it is very important to help the needy, because big doctors are not able to handle it from very large hospitals because the number of patients is increasing, due to which there is no space in hospitals. So we should help them.


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