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Only 40% of New Students Have Attended Classes in The Last 2 Days: PU Colleges Start Offline Classes For Undergrads

Only 40% of New Students Have Attended Classes in The Last 2 Days

Patna University officials said in their statement on Thursday morning that out of all the new students taking admission, only 40% of the students have attended classes in the last 2 days. Mr. Raj Kishore, who is the Principal of BN College, said that about 40% of the students are attending classes and only 50% of the students are being called on alternate days, which means that they are attending alternative classes, which means they told in detail only about 20% Students are attending classes on the daily basis, which is very unsatisfying.

Due to fear of Covid-19, many parents are refusing to let their children go to college. Somewhere in their mind, Covid-19 is very fearful, which has to probably go too long. There are many students who are living in their native place and have not come to the city yet due to which they do not know, their offline classes have started.

But it is not that the presence of students is increasing as the day is passing as the students are finding out that their offline classes have started, they are attending their classes but it is also seen that It will take some time to come, it will take months when all the students will attend their classes.

This situation is not only about PU colleges, there are many universities and colleges all over the country whose offline classes have started, but the attendance from the students is being recorded very low, this is what we have done for that student who studies in college, we have completely left out the students studying in school and this is a very serious subject because many teachers are also slowly getting absent.

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