An Overview about Reducing PDF Size Vs. Quality and Available Tools

An Overview about Reducing PDF Size Vs. Quality and Available Tools

Portable Document Format, PDF, has become one of the most popular electronic file formats these days. The feature that makes it unique is the ability to send the file to anyone without manipulation of data within it.

Since PDF is so widespread, you do not need any specialized app or software to open it. It works flawlessly on any modern browser. However, if you want to edit the file, then you can choose to install a PDF reader.

So, in short, PDF has become one of the most crucial file formats that we can’t live without nowadays. You will work on PDFs in school, college, universities, and at work. Basically, it is used in all kinds of social situations that require an electronic document.
Now, given that PDF is an incredibly flexible software, allowing you to share back and forth conveniently, the need for PDF compression arises.

Why Should You Reduce PDF Size, And How Compression Works?

Before we learn more about compressing tools, let’s first explore why exactly PDF compression implies. Most emails have a size limit for the attachment of documents, and the same applies to messenger apps. This makes it difficult to send heavy files to other users. You can either choose to transfer the data using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or reduce PDF size.

When a PDF is compressed, it reduces PDF size to an extent where it can be shared through email and other mediums. But keep in mind that once a file size is reduced, you cannot return to its original state. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep a backup of all your files.

Now, let’s take a look at how compression works and what happens during the process. A compression tool that reduces PDF size uses a specific algorithm to identify and eliminate redundancies. It identifies patterns and highlights those areas that can be shrunk without compromising the quality and format of the original file. If the PDF contains images and other graphical material, it would be recreated to a smaller resolution with fewer pixels.

PDF Size Vs. Quality

People compress PDFs (or any other file for that matter) to reduce PDF size and make it convenient to share across various online channels and email. However, you should pay close attention to the quality of the output file as well. During the compression process, a PDF file may lose its structure and elements, so it is best to use software that does not favor size over quality.
Therefore, you should look for a program that reduces PDF size by allowing you to choose the compression output that you want.

Let’s look at some of the options that matter the most:
Tools should compress images as well – If you have a PDF with a lot of images, it becomes quite heavy in the end, especially if you have used high-quality pictures. So, in order to keep it professional and visually appealing, opt for a program that keeps the quality of the images intact.

Allow to choose the quality of compression – Some tools offer their users to specify just how much compression they want in their files, such as high, medium, low, or custom. This is a useful feature as many users like to keep the compression levels according to the type of file they are using.

3 Best Tools That Reduce PDF Size

If you want a program that reduces PDF size, a simple Google search is enough to find you a wide array of free compression tools. But should you use them? Now, this is a critical question as no one would want to put their data at risk by using any compression tool.
It is recommended to look for a tool that promises to respect your privacy and deletes your data after you have used the service.
There are many safe-to-use online PDF compressors on the internet, and you just need to find the perfect one for yourself. Today, we will provide you a review of some of the most renowned programs that reduce PDF size and offer various other services.

  1. DupliChecker
    Duplichecker offers top-notch pdf compression setting options that you will not find anywhere else. Also, this pdf utility site comes with a variety of other PDF-related tools that you would find useful. This free PDF compressor tool can be operated in more than 10 different languages to reduce pdf file size instantly.
  2. Hipdf
    If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your PDF-related needs, Hipdf is the place. When you visit the website, you will be directed to a clean menu that lists down all the services Hipdf offers. Their compression software offers quick and high-quality service to help you reduce PDF size.
  3. Small PDF
    Small PDF offers a huge range of PDF tools that surpass most businesses’ needs. However, this one is a paid tool and only offers a 14-day free trial. After you subscribe to their services, Small PDF will also provide numerous resources for businesses explaining how you can make the most of the software.


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