OYO India Extends furlough Period To Employees Also Offers Voluntary Separation

OYO India Extends furlough Period

The traveling industry has been much affected due to Coronavirus Pandemic, due to which in April, OYO India also deducted the salary of his employees and also fired many employees so that it could keep the company running. Oyo-Preneurs have made a provision in Oyo India under which their employees were discharged for 4 months till 31st August 2020 with limited benefits. But OYO India Extends furlough Period

CEO of Hospitality Unicorn OYO Hotels and Homes India Rohit Kapoor announced at the town hall that he extent furlough to his employees till February last 2021. And he also gave them another option so that he could voluntarily separate from the company without hesitation.

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Rohit Kapoor told his employees that either you choose a voluntary separation program (VSP) or continue the LwLB period for another six months till 28 February 2021, you can choose whichever option you want here without hesitation. Depends on you.

And also told his employees that if the employees who opt for LwLB will be given the health insurance coverage, financial assistance for school education, and vaccination allowance. Also Furloughed employees give a good career opportunity through Oyo’s ‘Project Outreach’ program.

Apart from this, VSP employees will also be given health insurance coverage, career transition support, and relaxation on ESOP vesting as well as financial support. All employees have to submit their decision to the OYO’s former management on 11 September.


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