Pay Rs 150 For Withdrawing Your Own Cash From Banks; Pay Rs 40 For Depositing Cash From November first

Pay Rs 150 For Withdrawing Your Own Cash From Banks; Pay Rs 40 For Depositing Cash From November first

With just 2 months left during the current year to end, new guidelines for certain banks have come into picture, which will straightforwardly influence the pockets of their clients.

For certain banks, their clients will presently need to pay an additional charge sum for storing just as pulling out their cash, beginning from November 1, 2020.

Among this arrangement of banks, the public area Bank of Baroda has begun its clients with a specific measure of charge, for store and withdrawal of cash past a recommended limit, w.e.f Nov 1.

In fact not simply open area banks, some private banks also have fallen under this rundown, however they haven’t accepted a last approach this question yet.

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Free Transactions only three times a Month

It has been accounted for that for such banks, clients will have the option to pull out their cash for nothing, for example without paying any extra charge, just threefold in a month.

After 3 free withdrawals in a month, a withdrawal exchange charge will be charged at a level expense of Rs 150 for a credit account.

Additionally, if there should arise an occurrence of bank account, clients can store for nothing just threefold per month, after which an expense of Rs 40 will be charged on every exchange.

Jan Dhan account holders have some alleviation here, which implies that while they won’t be charged for expense stores, these record holders should pay an expense of Rs 100 just for withdrawal.

Furthermore, no help will be given to senior residents.

Bank of Baroda and Other Banks to Implement This Rule

While Bank of Baroda has answered to begin accusing its clients of exchange expense past an endorsed limit, some different banks are in line of doing likewise as well, when they affirm their choice.

These banks incorporate Bank of India, PNB, Axis Bank and Central Bank, among others. Nonetheless, they actually need to pronounce their last approach the issue, yet.

Discussing Bank of Baroda, the public area bank has set separate expenses for current record, money credit cutoff and store withdrawal from overdraft record and store withdrawal from investment account.

Important Updates

For CC, Current and Overdraft Accounts

  • Day deposit upto 1 lakh: free,
  • For sum over 1 lakh: one rupee charge on minimum one thousand rupees,
  • (minimum 50 rupees and maximum 20 thousand rupees),
  • Withdrawing money thrice in a month:  No charge,
  • From 4th time: Rs. 150 withdrawal for each transaction.

For Saving Account

  • Deposit up to three times – free
  • Amount charged after this – Rs 40 each time
  • 3 times money withdrawal in a month – no fee
  • The fourth time, and beyond withdrawal – Rs 100 for each transaction
  • No exemption for senior citizens.


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