Postman : Leading API Platform

Postman Leading API Platform

Postman is a coordinated effort platform for API advancement using by 11 million designers and 500,000 organizations internationally. Postman’s features rearrange each progression of building an API and smooth out joint effort so you can make better APIs—quicker.

To start with, monitoring API Update was exceptionally troublesome. The API testing measure was a headache for developers. Postman bring with an idea to address these API issues and become famous in very less time.

Ever thought about how a hotel booking app monitors the accessible rooms and other data through a single site? The appropriate response is through APIs. You need to realize the live cricket score through Google and you get the detail with no cricketing app possessed by Google.

This is the magnificence of Application Programming Interface(API). APIs permit various applications, gadgets, organizations, and people to share their information/functionalities among themselves. In straightforward terms, API is being utilized for communication purposes among software.

Features offer by Postman Api platform

API Construction

  1. API Testing
  2. Data Security
  3. Orchestration

API Management

  1. Logs/Documentation
  2. API Monitoring
  3. Monetization
  4. Gateway

Data Integration

  1. App Integration


  1. API Testing
  2. Data Security
  3. Orchestration
  4. Scalability


  1. Design Management
  2. Access Control
  3. Visibility

How Postman Started

While building up a front end architecture of software in Yahoo, Abhinav Asthana(Co-organizer and CEO, Postman) and Ankit Sobti(Co-author and CTO, Postman) confronted API troubleshooting issues. To facilitate the APIs communication, the two of them thought to settle this issue yet dropped the idea in the middle.

In in 2012, Abhinav Launched a startup called TeliportMe. Once , a similar APIs issues were looked by him and this time, he built up the code for himself to facilitate his work. Since the code was giving positive outcomes so he posted that item over chrome store with the expectation of complimentary use.

Postman Abhinav Asthana ceo

It turned out to be famous with engineers. In 2012 itself, the item was downloaded multiple times. Their item got famous with Postman’s name.

To see the positive reaction of financial investors and the fame of open source code, Abhinav associated with his yahoo partner Ankit and Abhijit Kane (his friend from BITS Pilani Goa). Abhijit functioned as an assistant in TeliportMe.

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At first, Abhinav and Ankit used to chip away at a postman venture low maintenance. Abhijit used to drive regularly from Bangalore to Mumbai, where Ankit used to remain.

Funding and Investment in Postman

Nexus ventures invested $7 Million in year 2016 as a Postman Series A funding round. As a component of their arrangement B round funding, CRV contributed $50 million on June 20, 2019. Postman trusted that 6 years will join the unicorn club. Understanding accomplices on June 11, 2020, under arrangement C funding, contributed $150 Million to make Postman’s valuation $2 Billion.

In the B round of funding, postman valuation was assessed at around $350 Million. It plainly shows that postman valuation expanded 500 percent in the most recent year. That is the sort of effect, the organization is making in the API field.

Prior postman was simply restricted to testing APIs, however funding encouraged them in building solid joint effort stages. The organization likewise accepts that rather than a code-based approach, software engineers are moving to an API based approach. In the coming years, Software advancement will thoroughly be driven by creative APIs.

Postman chiefly centers around engineers as it were. Furthermore, designers are vocal via online media stages like Twitter, Facebook about how great the Postman API stage is. To associate all clients on a solitary stage, postman began a POSTCON gathering. This meeting is held each year.

In the current time, no software engineer lives without Postman in the event that they actually work on APIs. Postman has become a default apparatus in API testing and improvement. 500000 organizations using the Postman API stage. 98% of the fortune 500 organizations are using Postman. 10 Million clients are exploiting Postman API stage. Postman’s yearly repeating income is around $54 Million.

In pandemic time, Postman is giving customer care services to its customers. For single developer, the most part of the Postman features are free and will stay free later on also. For groups and business firms having clients up to 99, the price valuing is posted over their site. Ventures having in excess of 100 clients need to contact the business group of Postman to know the genuine evaluating. Strut, Smartbear, Karate, Loggly, and Azure API are a portion of the significant compititors of Postman.

Today the company has around 250 employees split between the U.S. also, Bangalore in India, and he sees multiplying that number in the following year. One thing the pandemic has demonstrated him is that his employees can work from anyplace and he intends to enlist individuals across the world to exploit the most assorted ability pool conceivable.


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