Bangalore-based research foundation wins National Technology Business Incubator Award

Business Incubator Award

The Bangalore-based research foundation center for cellular and molecular platforms c-camp recently received the national technology business Incubator award from the department of science and technology, governments of India.

Business Incubator Award

The bioincubator established in c-camp has several incubate. one of the incubated startups in healthcare includes bugwork, a startup developing next-generation broad-spectrum antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance amr. The startups has now reached the clinical trial phase to address amr through drug discovery.

In the environment sector, c-camp has incubated Seasixenergy, a startup serving the sustainable development space that uses seaweed to produce bioactives for plant healths. Its first products on the market is a natural and organic plants growth stimulant. The other is an organic plant immunity booster that strengthens a plants defense responses to a broad spectrum of viral infection. Both product are natural formulation designed to holistically improve plant health and performance.

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In the field of agriculture, Stringbio, a cleantech startup, uses bacteria to convert methane into edible single cell protein for animal feed. They are also a new synthetic biology company that use proprietary fermentation technology and process engineering methods to harness organic waste and waste products to make value added biomaterials, including singlecell proteins for animal feed, particularly aquaculture feed. and biofertilizer.

This recognition is a tremendous validation of the values that the bioincubator program at c-camp has been adding to India bioinnovation ecosystems. It underlines the importance of fostering cutting-edge research, innovations and entrepreneurship in life science in India, and harnessing this science to create socials impact, said Dr.Taslimarif saiyed, ceo and director of c-camp

The bioincubator established at c-camp, with the supports of Bionest, birac, niti aayog-aim, ktech karnataka governments and ministry of electronic and Information technology, currently has 40 resident incubator, 10 non-residents incubator in India and the world, and has supported 25 graduate incubates over the years. c-camp, also deals with the deep science bio-entrepreneurship ecosystem in India with various portfolio innovation in the field of healths, agriculture and environments.


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