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How Pranjal Kamra Make 2.2 Crores Yearly Revenue From Finology Started From A YouTube Channel

Revenue From Finology

How a law graduate person started one of his successful startup that provides people financial education and also talks about investments. Pranjal Kamra, the founder of financial education and investment platform Finology started in June 2017 with an emotional decision, today we will know how he started and how to make his startup successful, what his failures are, and what inspires him most to start Finology. How Pranjal Kamra Make 2.2 Crores Yearly Revenue From Finology Started From A YouTube Channel

From 2010 to 2016, he completed his studies at the Hidayatullah National Law University in Raipur. Pranjal was studying law, but he did not understand the law very well, and neither did he have any interest but still he thought that let’s complete his studies, then he completed his law in 2016.

Also, Pranjal did not know much about the stock market and he did not know the depths of the stock market. One day his father was watching a tv show and along with Pranjal, but Pranjal not interested in these types of shows but it was different from the other tv shows Pranjal says.

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How Pranjal Kamra Started Finology

After Pranjal used to watch that show every week, he was interested in the stock market while watching the show. One day he told his father that give me some money, I will try my scope in the stock market, then his father gave him ₹20,000 and said let’s try it too. Thereafter, he bought the shares of TVS Motors in ₹2000.

Pranjal had taken stock of TVS Motors around ₹30 and the price of that stoke become 10x after 1 year, so he thought that yes now I know the stock market well then he put more money in different stocks but gradually all his money was drowned. Then Pranjal was in the final year of his college and he was worried that I took money from my father and ruined it. After that, he started searching on the net about how to buy good stock and how to invest in the stock market smartly. Found a lot of articles of Warren Buffet. He read a lot of articles online as much as he could.

One-day Pranjal got an email where he came to know that there is also an institute which just and only teaches and teaches about the stock market and is also associated with SEBI, so its recognition is very high When he was in 5 years of college, he went to interview at that institute. He performed very well in the interview because he studied online much about finance.

Then in 2017, he opened his YouTube channel and started sharing his stock market knowledge and gradually increases subscribers and cross in Millions in today’s date. Along with that, he started Finology. He has also made a lot of different efforts in Finology where he guides about the Intex stock market and explains how to invest in stokes and which stoke is the best and why.

Finology generates around 2.2 crores revenue yearly from YouTube and premium courses. There are more than 200000 registered users with more than 20,000 premium students and together they have 1500000 subscriber base on YouTube.



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