{Best Ways} Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly in 2023

Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly
Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

Do you have Gift Cards and you don’t need? Why don’t you convert your Gift card in Cash. In this article i will explain the best ways to sell Gift Cards online instantly.

Sell Gift Cards for money or exchange gift card so you can spend them how you’d like! With these genuine sites listed below, you can get up to 92% of their incentive in real money or gift cards payouts to add some additional cushioning to your shopping budget plan.

How to sell unused gift cards online Instantly

There are a few sites that allow you to sell your unused Gift Cards in India. The catch is that the vast majority of these are commercial centers so there’s no assurance that you will discover a buyer.

Here we have listed top website to sell gift cards online instantly which will give you instant cash.

Top Places to Sell Gifts Cards


Sellebrate permits you to sell your gift cards directly to the organization for money. Dissimilar to other gift cards trade stages that we ran over, Sellebrate professes to offer cash for your cards, rather than posting it on its commercial center and requesting that you hang tight for a buyers.

The other side is that it offers extremely low rates for gift vouchers — they were offered uniquely around 35% of the estimation of our gift voucher.


CardCash accept gift cards from a wide assortment of retailers and features a straight forward selling process. Also, in case you’re simply keen on exchanging your gift vouchers, you can even get up to 7% more!

After you accept their proposal for your gift cards, the site will tell you to either enter the card data to move the transfer the balance or mail in your card to be processed.


Nafa is another website for selling gift cards. Your gift cards can be listed on this site and offered to other Nafa user, with the site taking a level five percent cutoff the selling cost of each gift cards.

There are physical and e-gift cards on this site and it guarantees that physical cards are presented on purchasers within a week of purchase.

Gift Card Granny

Sell gift cards with on Gift Card Granny with their BBB accreditation ! Gift voucher Granny will purchase your gift cards directly or let one of their accomplices make an offer that guarantees you get the most noteworthy payout conceivable!

You at that point continue with the posting either on the accomplice site or through Gift Card Granny if applicable.


GiftCardSpread fixes the cost for the gift card he needs to sell by filling in an online form. The site returns with an affirmation or a counter offer. If the seller concurs, he needs to upload his ID and credit card details under 24 hours.


Prepaid2Cash permits you to immediately and effectively scan your prepaid Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards.

Also, more than 100 different brands like Best Buy, Target, Nike, and then some! With their advantageous application for iOS or Android, you can filter your card in short order and move assets to your connected financial record.

After verifying your card details and submitting your exchange, you can choose to get your payment instantly (within just 15 minutes!) by using your debit card or next business day using your bank account and 2-3 business days for gift cards.


Raise is one of the most popular website for sell gift cards online instantly. At Raise, after you enter in the amount of your Gift card and card details, you pick your selling cost (however it will offer a recommended sum dependent on the card’s worth) and the site will show the amount you can acquire from the deal after they take their cut of the selling expenses.

So while it might appear you could get more for your card on Raise, remember to consider the 15% commission cut.


1. How can I get cash for gift cards immediately?

Here is the top and genuine website to sell gifr cards instantly –
1. Sellebrate
2. CardCash
3. Nafa
4. Gift Cards Granny
5. Prepaid2Cash
6. GiftCardSpread
7. Prepaid2Cash
8. Raise


  1. I have pottery barn gift card for 44.65 that I want to turn into Amazon cash/credit. Following the instructions above I’m getting card number mot correct. Any idea?


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