Shiprocket partners with Invest India to build D2C 2.0

Shiprocket partners with Invest India

Shiprocket has partnered with Invest India to build D2C 2.0 together, supporting the next generation of consumers product created by founder across the country. The program will help accelerate e commerce and D2C startups that have achieved early success & on the ground impact with product built by Bharat, for Bharat.

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Shiprocket D2C 2.0

D2C startup can apply for the Rocketfuel D2C Accelerator hosted exclusively on the Startups India portal. Shiprocket will offer INR 1 Lakh in cash grant to each of the shortlisted startup in addition to the provided INR 50,000 in shipping credit immediately and provide an opportunity to secure investment of up to INR 50 Lakhs from Shiprocket & its financial partner.

During the 3 months accelerator program, Shiprocket will support D2C startups with top tier privileges for logistic and e commerce services by providing shipping credits that can be used on their platform.

D2C startups

Additionally, startups will gain access to the D2C Verse, a pan-India D2C community of startup & key investors and receive personalized mentorship from the leading minds in the industry. Shortlisted startups will also benefit greatly from Startup India’s pan-Indian reach and guidance.

Speaking about this, Saahil Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of Shiprocket, said: Startup India is one of the biggest platform for startups and entrepreneurs in India. With his support, Shiprocket can further fuel the growth of early stage D2C and eCommerce startups across emerging markets in India.

Our goal is to create a support system that meets not only the monetary requirements of companies, but encompasses all aspects of the business. This collaboration with Startup India is a step towards achieving that goal.

Deepak Bagla, MD and CEO of Invest India, said: “Indian ingenuity excellence has been at the forefront that is developing impactful frugal solutions as the force of India. As we move towards an Atmanirbhar Bharat, envisioned by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, it becomes imperative to ensure India builds on these strengths and this challenge will help the founders of D2C distribute their impactful products to more and more homes across the country.

Applications for the program are open until September 15, 2022 and results will be announced on September 28, 2022.


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