Side Micro Business Ideas for Women

Side business ideas for Women

In the last decade, India has witnessed a remarkable growth in the number of women entrepreneurs. Today, women leave their mark in every venture they set foot in. They are ready to take up challenges and explore unturned stones. They seem to know a trick to gain optimum balance in their lives like no one else! This surge in women taking over the business front has created a plethora of intriguing and exciting business opportunities. Women across all walks of life are adept at multi-tasking while also giving their best to whatever they commit to.

Women can choose their side business depending on their passion, skill, and availability of time. But while kick-starting this journey, it is essential to spend on minimum investment.

Side Micro Business Ideas for Women

The Following are Some Great Side Business Ideas for Women:

1. Wellness and Healthcare:

It is essential to dedicate ample amounts of time each day to nurture a healthy lifestyle. On our busiest days, it can be helpful to engage in relaxing fitness activities rather than engaging in something rigorous. Activities that instantly energize the mind and body are Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, Dance, etc.

Women can become professional Yoga instructors by acquiring certification through training. This business requires minor investment. It is always in demand, especially in close-knit neighbourhoods. If you have a passion for fitness and teaching, this is the best way to combine both and start earning! Women can also start a fun Zumba class with people living in their locality. It can be a good way to create a community of fitness enthusiasts and mingle with friendly neighbours!

2. Home Tuitions:

Home tuitions are a great way to impart knowledge in the field that you are good at. Today’s youth find it abundantly necessary to attend tuitions in order to stay on top of the class! Even if you do not have a professional degree in a particular subject, just as long as you are passionate, confident, and want to keep your brain juices running, it is enough!

You can set a reasonable tuition fee on an hourly basis and offer tuition for multiple subjects and grades. Whether it is 6th-grade Mathematics or 11th-grade Physics, you’ll be surprised how many parents prefer sending their kids to home tuitions apart from regular school.

3. Arts and Handicrafts Workshop:

Some of our childhood’s most enjoyable memories are folding paper cranes and getting our hands dirty with paints! This workshop is great for weekends and summer holidays. Women can teach young students how to make origami, simple bead jewellery, gift cards, and other such creations out of basic material. This workshop would be easy to conduct because it would not require you to learn anything new or draining. It can be held in the comfort of your home.

4. Food Business:

In the last year or so, Instagram-based food businesses have been under the spotlight like never before. Women can open their business from home without opening a separate outlet or hiring any help. Women who love to cook can convert their passion into a side business. Cooking at home will give them the comfort to explore and experiment with new cuisines and recipes.

People are always on the look-out for healthy, organic, or simply homemade food. A foundation of trust is built by social media promotions. This is a constantly growing business that never gets old or boring.

5. Freelance Writing:

If you have a knack for languages and are fondly called the ‘Grammar Nazi’ of the group, then this might be the perfect job for you! IT companies, Advertising agencies, and most start-ups these days are yearning to find good content writers or freelance writers. Freelance writing gives you a chance to write about a diverse field of interest. You can have the opportunity to write in the technical field or even try your hand at creative writing!

6. Organic Products:

There is a huge market for organic products in today’s time and age. People are excited to try and promote organic soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, food products, etc. To keep a low investment, in the beginning, it can be helpful to do in-depth research into what you want to buy and sell. Presently, people also learn how to make organic soaps, jams, and other products, which they sell from their homes!

7. Fashion Industry:

Stitching and embroidery work: Women can get into stitching by starting with simple clothes and then expanding to embroidery.
Boutiques: Women can start their boutiques by themselves or even partner up with someone who shares similar interests.
Accessories: You can open a small outlet that sells trendy accessories like jewellery, bags, shoes, belts, etc. These sell well even in bulk and can prove to be extremely profitable.

To kick-start this business idea, you have to invest smartly and efficiently. While your business is still taking off, it might be a good idea to opt for a business loan. Various banks offer several helpful schemes. They cater particularly to the needs of women entrepreneurs and help them achieve their desired goals.

Types of Business Loans for Women:

Type of LoanFeatures
Small Business FinanceDiverse loan options to choose from
Secured and unsecured funding available
Interest rates are affordable with this scheme.
Ideal for short-term funding needs of women entrepreneurs
Available to existing business as well as start-ups
Commercial Business LoanLoans of Rs.50 lakhs or more can be procured.
The repayment tenure of loans is 3-5 years.
The application can be made online, which makes the process even simpler.
Secured as well as unsecured loans are available
Minimum documentation is required to apply for this loan.
Loan Against SecuritiesThis is a Secured type of loan.
The criteria of eligibility are minimum.
The interest rates are low.
Flexible repayment options are available.
Personal LoansIdeal for home-based business entrepreneurs
This is an unsecured type of loan with the flexibility to choose any loan amount you like
You can apply for loans up to Rs.50 lakhs for up to 5 years.
You can apply for the loan using the online method.
A co-applicant facility is also available.
Government SchemesThere are different types of schemes to choose from
Low-interest rates and minimum eligibility requirements
Flexible tenure up to 5 years
Many financial institutions and banks are part of the scheme.
It actively promotes women entrepreneurs.

It can be daunting to start something on your own for the first time. Although there are a wide range of ideas, industries, skills, and services to choose from, it is imperative to pick something you are absolutely certain about. With the booming involvement of women in business in today’s age, it is not surprising that so many more women are opting to strive for more! It is time for women to stop succumbing to stereotypes, to stand for what they truly desire to do, and it is time for us to give them space and opportunities to shine!


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